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    frieza replacement

    REPLACING FREEZA!!!!????? that would be really really really stupid, they can ADD Kold, but not replace Freeza, he is one of the Main Vilains... Just because he was weak compared to the other villains doesn't mean he's a weakling, he was stronger than goku before goku Went SSJ..... anyway...
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    What do you belive in?

    well, xcept for the three things i said before and my personal belief about god, i only believe in something with my personal experience OR scientific proof, no offense Vegeta's Briefs, but you can't argue against someone's beliefs and try to change them, its no right!, no offense, Okay?
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    What do you belive in?

    there are only 3 things i believe: that somewhere in space there are other inteligent Beings besides humans, and 2: Humans ARE related with monkeys due to EVOLUTION. 3: reencarnation V.B: i don't like your beliefs, so DON'T flame me, i don't think there is an "afterlife" like Heaven/hell...
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    Bomb iraq !

    well i think that "low civilian causualties" are a lie, it's low when the goverment say it is low, that is the problem with it, war may be inevetable, but i'm still sure that it's mainly because of oil, because bush said that he already has plans to occupy the iraqians oil riqs, and bush really...
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    Bomb iraq !

    lol when i said american i forgot the "north" in it, oh yeah, by bombimg iraq, you won't only lose iraqian oil, you will lose most of middle east, watch the news cuc. it looks like you give a damn more importance to military equip than to people... almost the whole world hate bush, only some...
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    Magus's B-Day!

    Happy Birth day Magus, i wish you luck man, i less than 2 months is mine! March 23rd, I gonna be 17!, you're lucky that you will be able to drive with 16, i gotta be 18 cuz i live in brazil...
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    Bomb iraq !

    okay first one thing: i don't like the US ever since bush became president. he's a moron, Clinton was way better than Bush, they won't Nuke iraq cuz if they do, they will lose the OIL there, cuz this is all about money, if US loses the External Source of oil (other countries) you will have oil...
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    How much characters in beta 1.1

    Adult gohan is optional, there is no absolute quarantee that it will be there, thats why he's in the optional header.. get me?
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    Just a few Answers to a Few questions

    Q can i Become SSJ2-3-4 etc? A not in this version, only in next versions, not 1.1, and SSJ4 probably never Q when does 1.1 comes Out? A When its done, when don' t need more people asking that. Q Whill you add <insert Char here>? A If it is a Movie or GT char, no if it is a DBZ series char...
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    How old is everyone?

    16, 17 in march 23rd... hahaahhaha!!!! my vacations aren't over until 17/02!!!!! haahhahahha!!!!
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    spirit bomb 2

    i never saw Cell using kikoho, but he does need a unique attack, and he needs regeneration, wich must be slitghly faster....
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    Future Releases Q (& hopefully A)

    ok... 2 things: 1 Burning Attack as far as i know is a BALL, 2 When does freeza gets form 3? i mean wich version? wait 3 things: BBA is tiny ball, just watch when vegeta is fighting Kid buu, he uses BBA, and it is a tiny ball with a HUUUGE blast.
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    whats ur name mean?

    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=150 ALT="Person Engineered for Dangerous Repair and Observation" BORDER=0></A> my first name! LOL :D :p
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    there should be a piccolo with hat and cape

    Cool idea, but you'll have to wait a little more for that, and thats like the 264962196th time some asked that (just kidding) lol
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    whats ur name mean?

    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=150 ALT="Artificial Robotic Soldier Engineered for Nocturnal Assassination and Learning" BORDER=0></A> hey i'm made for assassination LOL!:D
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    Has this ever happend to anyone with high ping *I think its a bug*

    sometimes when i have high ping, like 289+ i simply stop, i keep walking but don't get out of the place and the model doesn't change orientation.... i have DSL but still get huge pings... maybe its cause of distance....
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    Meelee Scripts....

    scripts are not cool, i would be pissed off if this were like cs, where someone with no skill could rule just because of a script, luckily i don't play cs, but esf i can't play online with people, cuz suddenly i get 289 ping .... now a script to say "help!", "i'm outta the keyboard" and stuff...
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    Which anime is best

    all 26 episodes like 4-6 times each, plus both movies and i read the manga, and Inu yasha, only like the first 20 or somethin, cartoon network's fault
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    I'm form Brazi!, wait... why Brazil isn't there!!! God damn it! Oh my god you killed brazil!!!! you ******* !!!! LOL too bad my country isn't doing fine now.... but my city is quite good, unlike better know cities like Rio de Janeiro(smugglers... Damn it!) and São Paulo.....:laff:
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    Which anime is best

    Inu Yasha!!!! it used to be EVA but it got how to say, boring after the 9th time LOL:D