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    Clear your stored private messages nukka, no more room. That is all. *Will delete upon recognition*
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    Quick Survey That's all! Thanks!
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    Guy wins 100GRAND!!! Goes NUTS! So did I #2 >=^D
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    Lag Compensation

    So here's my question. I know games such as Counter-Strike (1.6) have lag compensation commands, however I'm not sure if that's writtin in or if it's a standard command for HL Engine games. If it is infact a standard command, or even if it isn't, couldn't that solve alot of problems regarding...
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    Hotel Rwanda ~ Review

    The following is a short essay on the movie & the topic itself. It contains opinionated thoughts and speculation and while most is factual, not everything is to be taken as the die-hard truth, just one mans opinion. I believe this will give a good outline of the topic & movie. (Contains no...
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    Movie Board Suggestion!

    Hrm, this isn't exactly an ESF suggestion. But i couldn't figure a better place to say this. I propose a Movie Board section in the Off-Topic area :) . I wanna talk about my fav movies :( Ask if a movie is any good :( And people can write reviews // comment with their thoughts! It'll add a...
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    Site Suggestion ~ Devjournal Commentary

    I was wondering if it was ever suggested or considered if dev journals could have a "comment" feature like the mainpage. Think it would be a nice addition, i also used search and couldn't find this suggest.. altho what to search exactly is kinda akward.
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    EYE > SK 13-5 in CPL Summer 2004

    Wow.. the name says it all. Does anyone else think this is due to the new money system? I mean... after all... look at SKs performance in many large tournaments AFTER the changes took effect. (getting eliminated in ESCW for example) ....Anyone that watched both SK matches with EYEballers noticed...
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    Ultima2 ~ Graffiti (art?)

    This was my second attempt at anything real on photoshop. And my first attempt at everything except fonts ^_^. Right now it's nothing really. Not sure what i'm gonna use it for. Comments and hard crits would really be appreciated as I really wanna get better. Any comments on the quality...
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    PcJoe vs Cucumba || I <3 Hibiki ??? wtf ???

    Which of the two is greener, PcJoedy or Pickleboy Please no green penis jokes. I wanna keep this as kermit as possible. ||-to all hibiki's in the audiance ignore the topic-|| ps. i know ur out to get me :( :tired:
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    Bums bums bums! hot sexy bums!

    Talkn about hobo's without jobs.... not what you're thinkn you perv. Fact in America: You have a bad streak of luck (maybe you got laid off from your big corporate job), you pay your bills on a paycheck by paycheck basis. Of course, you are laid off. And it takes atleast a week before you can...
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    SAW Movie Trailer

    "Hello [name], i want to play a game" I can't post the link because it's an M rated trailer and i don't know the policy on that. But i was wondering if anyone here has seen one of the 2 trailers for SAW? It's coming out in America soon. Looks really :X :X :X If you want to know what i'm...
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    Player evasion suggestion!!

    Create a "dodge" key. Hold a direction and hit the "dodge" key. When u do so for example... backwards + "key" = (if ur on the ground) U do those secksi backflip kinda things where u flip backwards and on ur hands push off into another flip and so on :) Think this could add a new...
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    DiskGuiding - Tweak Suggestion

    I've suggested this idea 2 times before. But each time for a different version of ESF, as esf is constantly experimenting and changing it's gameplay. I think the idea should be re-entered for each new version that's found fitting. And now with ESF 1.2, (assmuning 1.3 will be somewhat simular...
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    Double Tap Tweak

    I've searched threads but all suggesting to remove the double tap. I'm not suggesting that so i didn't want to put this in someone elses thread. Suggestion: Why couldn't swooping work like this. It would be just as difficult except it would be faster to do. Thus increasing the gamespeed...
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    Scouterizzle Sensordizzle - Scouter Idea

    Aiight, I've seen many variations of suggestions on the scouter. Here's my opinion on what it should be. Scouter, when turned on you see the scouter come up as it is now, except you only read exact powerlevels/characters with it. While your scouter is turned on, instead of a map that has to...
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    Renzoku sound

    I'd first off like to say I think the sounds are great... specially the kicks'n punches :P Except one small thing, with the english Renzoku attack sounds it seems like it cuts off before it is finished and is really an annoyance. I didn't post this in the help, as I do not think it is a bug...
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    1.2b Beam knock back suggestion.

    Assuming there is a small patch between 1.2 and 1.3.... i'm suggesting a new way to knock an attack back to your opponent. When a beam is comming towards you (perferably a large attack beam), you swoop into the beam with melee selected holding secondary fire. Now, if you are strong enough you...
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    The story of a soldier...

    !!!! omg @ esf 1.2!!!! I was 350-29 in a 1v3, Frieza Form2 vs Goku, Trunks, Buu!!! I felt as if I were an unstoppable juggernaught!! But damned those saiyans... when Goku and trunks got to ssj i was getting it handed to me... But being the sly devil that I am i tricked Buu into thinking...
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    Error: 108 Local Steam Service blah blah

    Steam likes being dumb and messing with 3rd party games sometimes. If you ever get the error "108" while trying to launch a third party game, go into your steamapps/email/half-life/yourmod folder, there will be a "steam.dll" in there. Delete it, it's not spose to be there its a bug with...