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    Some Matrix Music Videos

    Hey guys, I made a few matrix music videos (3 of them) and would just like to hear all of your opinions on them. They each have a particular style that makes them unique in their own way, mainly to fit the style of the music I chose for each video. I hope you enjoy them and please leave...
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    Power Struggle Invulnerability

    After extensive play with 1.1, I think this really needs to be changed in 1.2: Players included in a powerstruggle should be invulnerable to all other player's attacks outside of the powerstruggle PERIOD. It seems whenever I get into a powerstruggle, the other players horde the PS players with...
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    1.1 Patch installer trouble

    I tried downloading the 1.0 to 1.1 patch in two of the links in the stickys, and after downloading when I clicked on both of the installers neither of them would just not respond. I tested running other similar installations wizards and they worked fine. How can I get a patch version that will...
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    Powerstruggle draws

    In alpha when two players are in a powerstruggle for a long period of time and throughout that time they pump ki into the attacks, the explosions gets pretty big. The end result to these long powerstruggles is usually the death of both the winner and the loser, and sometimes the rest of the...
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    Quite possibly the dumbest site ever... All I have to say is, LOL!
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    Stamina Bar

    I think it would be cool if a stamina bar was added. If you take damage or use ki, it would drain the stamina bar. The stamina bar recharges on its own, depending on what your doing (flying recharges slowly, on the ground recharges medium, crouching recharges fast). Once the stamina bar is...
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    Non beam attacks delay

    I think that if a non-beam attack is used (big bang attack, special beam cannon, etc.), instead of after it is shot you can immediately move, there would be a 2-5 second delay to where you must stay still. I always find people shooting off a big bang at someone then strafing and doing it again...
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    Buu's cookie attack

    I already suggested this to Pcjoe, and he liked the idea, but I was wondering if you guys liked it as well. I was thinking if Buu turns someone into a cookie and he ate the cookie, that he would gain one of the character's unique attacks. He would only be able to have 1 stolen attack at a time...
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    Funny = right here LOL I can watch it over and over again and it never gets old.
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    Vegeta's final flash

    Vegeta should say "Final Flash!" during his charge up time, and when he fires it he should let out a yell. When he does it to Cell this is how it is, plus, I think it would be a good "warning" to everyone who is about to have to worry about it. Since final flash is such a powerfull attack...
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    Evil Buu - Pink?

    Just wondering, why is evil Buu pink and not grey?
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    Ki and health

    The ki bar should double as a "shield." In other words, if you take damage, it takes away ki instead of health, until your ki runs out. Then when you get hit it starts damaging your health, and you die when your health runs out. This option should be able to be toggled on and off, so the player...
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    Wall jump/boosts

    I think it would be cool if you were flying torwards a wall and right as you touch the wall and you press jump, your character should rocket in the oposite direction about two times as fast as normal fly speed is for a short distance giving you a boost. This would be a good surpise attack for...
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    Fast movement

    In addition to the teleport that is already in the game, I think there should be another type of teleport or "very fast movement" that would sort of simulate VERY fast speed in the show without it being in slow motion or so fast you can't see it. For example: In the Revenge of Cooler movie...
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    Blocking melee

    I don't think when you use block against melee that you should just take less damage, instead, it should take away how ever much damage it would do to your health and your ki should take the blow instead. Also, the defender should get knocked back a little.
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    Tester's favorite maps

    Just wondering what are the tester's favorite maps for beta 1 so far? You can describe it if you want, but the name would be fine. The favorites will be the first maps I try when the beta comes out.
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    Frieza attacks

    Well as I understand it Frieza in beta 1 will have 3 attacks and 1 transformation. Frieza disk, death ball, and finger laser. I heard the finger laser was redone so I don't know exactly what I'm working with here, but here goes anyway. I think, if freiza's 100% power form is ever implemented...
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    Vegeta's dies too fast!

    In the new melee video, Vegeta dies in two melee hits and one not fully charged kamehameha, and both Vegeta and Goku were of similar PL (I am guessing since they are both SSJ). I was just hoping that beta 1 will have longer lasting fights than in alpha and in the melee video, since as we all...
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    Melee animations

    So far we have seen a vid of Gohan's melee and Goku's, and I have noticed something. Gohan's kick animation was a kick followed by a backflip, and Goku's kick animation was one foot forward and the other foot tucked back which looks like a "jump kick". Does each character do each of these moves...
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    Trunks' attacks

    I was just wondering about Trunks in beta 2. What are his attacks? I hope he still doesn't have Final Flash, because he never uses it and it is unique to Vegeta. He should have his Burning attack (He currently has it). While he charges it it would be cool to have him do his cool hand movements...