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    Weird aL

    im just wondering what yall think of weird al ife hes good or bad.
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    hate the backstreet boys watch this

    revenge of backstreet there it is a video about backstreetboys getting wooped. At the end its sick but funny in all. :fight: click the link above to watch
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    dbz humor If you like dbz humor go to the url on the top:)
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    You know when you're skinning an esf model do you use current tool that you downloaded are do you use paint shop pros tools? :shocked:
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    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
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    funny pic

    there they are i think this one kind of funny:smile:
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    whos has the best sig

    i was just wondering who has the best sig picture or writing;/
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    whats your least/favorite db/z/gt character

    My favorites Gohan/Goku/tien/chazou My least Gotenks/Kid buu / Nappa
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    does gmax work for hL

    does it ? is it better than milkshape
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    Sprite / animation request thread

    Have any request for sprites or animations post them here :yes:
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    Woody shoots Buzz THere the link watch the movie it kinda funny :)
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    request! major

    Does anyone know where a adult gohan sound pack other than redsaiyan (:laff: