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    requesting skilled sig makers aid.

    I was wondering if a sig artist would like to make me a new sig to go with a name change i'm getting ready to ask for. If someone is interested please send me a tell on AIM. AIM : Lapez Knight
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    anyone know..

    If there are other games like Front Mission 3 & Final Fantasy Tactics for the playstation or PC.. thanks in advance
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    Sheild Bug

    Okay here is the bug and i'v done it before to test it... don't know if it has been posted yet.. but i beleive it hasn't. It invovles anybody doing a ps of any kind.. then [ censored by Nretep ] thus crashing the server
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    I was wondering if anyone around knows where i can buy games at a very resonable price... cuase i'm tired of spending $60 to get a crappy game..
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    A sig for me(note if your willing to spend some time come on)

    Well folks i thought it was about time for me to get a sig.. But the problem is i don't know anyone that is willing to make it cuase i got 3 pics i want included in it but it seems non is willing... PLZ HELP ME!! EDIT: Forgot to mention that if ya are willing to do the custom work send me a...
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    Happy B-Day to... ME!

    Well folks i just turned 17 today so i'm just glad to say i survived another year suprisingly enough... O_O O_O
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    back on the forums

    well folks finally got back on the internet after the move.. just saying ello to all
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    going away for a while

    Well folks i'm moving soon to another town so i won't have the internet for a while.. could be a two months or it could be a day or two before i get internet again (moving monday):cry: :cry:
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    comp security i need a little help

    okay folks i got a question does anyone know of any secuirty program for a computer that i could use besides passwords to lock people out of it thxs for your help
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    irc question

    okay i just wanna know how long i am banned on irc and could you guys change it to were it gives a message if your banned or not as well as for how long your banned just curios and yes i looked at the irc sticky thread i don't care if i am banned from it just wanting to know for how long
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    Best RPG for playstation

    the PS rpg i consider to be the best is 1.Final Fantasy Tactics 2.Xenogears 3.Chrono Cross 4.Legend of Dragoon 5.Final Fantasy 9
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    i am back and i need sig

    i am very glad to say that i am backand unfortunatly i also i need a sig of a FFT lancer in any form or fashion also i need a place to host it as well if someone does make me a sig:) thxs for reading and plz if your gonna flame me at least take the time to make me look like a complete idiot
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    bye all

    well folks i won't be able to post on the forums or play esf when it comes out as the beta cuase i am moving back to my mothers down in huntingdon Tennessee wel good luck with the mod and peace all
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    Evangelion questions

    ok folks i just got through watching the end of eva and well it is kinda confusing as hell since i don't got the rest of the episodes yet but could someone explain that movie a bit for me. ;/ :fight: :\
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    may i ask for a sig.

    Alright if someone could make a sig for me i would be in your debt(for a while at least).
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    i am much happier now...

    k folks i kinda feel bad and happy same time... i was in the halflife chat room when some noob is asking for a dmz server so instead of telling him a DMZ server told him where to get esf :)... have you converted a noob today
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    i need to know someting.

    ok folks last time i tried looking for combat hamsters old webpage but could never find it again(i did that when esf was i think 1.5 or 1.8 can't remeber) well if anyone knows his webpages address or his icq plz tell me (was origanly called liquidsnake on the forums in 1.5 and1.8 for those...
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    hmm i think a little to much power okay folks that links takes ya to see a little demonstration of to much power oh well guess i kinda went over board :)
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    thanks i would of never figured it out