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    triple teleport

    i was thinking if yo uguys can add the triple teleport in esf 1.3. if dont understand what i am saying watch dbz episode 113 when goku fights android 19 :)
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    skating vs soccer

    hy guys i want you're opinion, witch sport is better skating or soccer? and give me reasons pls :)
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    cheaters among us

    well recently i have seen some suspicios "skill boost" of some players and i was wondering if there are any esf cheats. i dont want to use them i just want to know if they exist because everyone i acuse of cheating sayis that there are no esf cheats and i dont beleave them :)
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    esf oficial server

    i finaly bought hl original and i have steam and i was wondering if esf has an oficial server
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    modb profile

    does esf 1.3 have a modb profile because i really want 2 se it :) :::::::thx:::::::
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    turbo aura sprites

    can someone give me a direct link to a download for an turbo aura such as thiz [/url][/img]
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    a unique combo

    can someone plz tell me the moves for a unique combo pls?
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    dedicated server for esf 1.2.3

    can someone tell me plz plz a download link or a sait where i ca find a dedicated server instal for esf 1.2.3 +evm i shearched esf-world but i found just for esf 1.2.1 :((
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    ITS 2 PERFECT 2 be true

    guys the movie is perfect the moves are perfect the tounts are perfect so what are you waiting 4? lounch the game i think we waited enaugh
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    max pl in esf 1.3

    as we all know in esf 1.2.3 with evm the max pl is 100.000.000. so what will bee the max pl in esf 1.3? (sry for my english)
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    how many bugs did you guys found

    it hai been a long time since you guys start gathering beta testers and i was just wondering how many bugs did you found :D.
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    in the future will esf have sinlge player??
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    waiting bugs me

    guys guys i want esf 1.3 when it will be done :(
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    cool guys

    it's cool that you guys decided to put a new caracter in esf 1.3.X
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    broly in esf 1.3

    guys why dont you add broly in esf 1.3?? he has 3 trans: normal form that pink hair form normal ssj and legendary ssj and he has some uniqe atacks so why dont you add him?
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    about the ssj4 plugin

    I want to see how the ssj4 plugin and can you give me the link to the download pege pls pls pls?
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    a bigger rank

    dudes how can i "surpas" the rank of registerd user?
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    how long must we wait

    come on guys its been a hole month since you started to "colect" beta testers when will you lonch esf 1.3
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    new combos

    in esf 1.3 are there going to be new combos?
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    In esf 1.2.3(with evm) i have a problem with vizoal C ++ and the game stops runing .Is the problem coming from the evm adn esf 1.3 will be the same??????????