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    dragonballs bug

    :notice: there's always the stupid bug in esf riverside that one of the dragonballs are placed under the ground! :shocked: is that bug removed in 1.2.3, or will it first be in 1.3? : :rolleyes: anyway, there is sometimes also dragonballs under the ground in other maps :warning:
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    dbz: budokai 3 talk.

    hello everybody! if anyone got dragonball z budokai 3, please could you just help me, because i don't know where in dragon universe/story mode i can find a >>super spirit bomb<< capsule... could anyone help me?
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    all transforms to 1.3

    in v1.3 i mean all the characters shall have all transforms! and another idea is: saga mode... and saga mode is so we can choose all sagas so in saiyan saga shall vegeta have a tail and the real saiyan armor, and gohan shall be a kid. and in namek saga shall vegeta have the namek saga...
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    help help help

    grrrrrrrrrr! i tryed too many times to put my new models in the game! my i cant find out winzip! help sob sob
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    esf 2?

    i have seen some special pictures from esf and there was a very good graphic (much better than the esf version i got) tell me what that is! esf 2 or something like that :S :S :S :S