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    If you remember these you're cooler than people who don't

    If you were around for these, you know what's up hah
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    Stock is
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    happy birthday Wesley Gibson

    Wesley Gibson, You angry stopping renegade of a mod you, happy birthday (Ps) this is late because the forum was down on your birthday, canniving forum...I know it's late, but it's just to let you know you're wubbed.
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    Fo shizzle

    Eh, I just felt like makin' some :o
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    le fma v2

    so a better fma sig, how goes it ;o
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    fma in j00r face?

    Yeah, FMA is in your grill, how you gonna act ;o still wip but eh we'll see how it goes
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    Christopher Reeve

    eh, Incase any of you didn't hear already, he did of a heart attack. 'tis a sad story, he was a true hero, and I know he would've gotten on his feet eventually ( chris reeve was paralyzed from the neck down after a horse accident) 's a shame... Catch'a on the flip side Chris *salute*
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    sportn' it, what'cha think
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    And boredom brings you!

    My new sig, got some jaggies, but I'm lazy. It's not something I put my heart into, but I was messing around and liked the outcome, Hence:
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    Jamaican Revolution

    I don't expect anyone except Hwo and Opteh to understand the l337ness... but here it goes anyways (I'll post the edit when I re-do the bad brushing)
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    an ab wp

    First off, I'd just like to say, I'm not going for that whole "Omfg I was in a depressed state when I made this so that makes this wp x100 better". Yeah, the render sux, I'm still learning so me newb renders'll have to do. btw, you kind of have to use your imagination to see the scenario...
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    el siggies

    Was looking through my cg collection and found a couple good ones Self cons: wtf are those lines on his face? Answer: Beats me :\ Anyways C&C
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    collab /w smurf/altec

    yeah it's a wp. It took a long bloody time lol. Well hell, enjoy
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    The Space Scenario

    I was fiddling around in PS, came up with a cool texture, had an idea, turned it into this, enjoy cnc majorly appriciated on this
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    Six new ones, tried to make them differ, so as to not be pwned by similarity criques :o Enjoy bishes :l First human tag evar :o My favorite sig so far :p \o/ Haruko Stock is a sketch, that's why it's blended weird, :\ Techy Techy :o <3 Tenten
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    The title is reall confensating, I'm actually really tired.... EDIT: this one was requested, don't ask about the stock lmao.
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    Happy b-day + goodbye :O Izy

    Yeah it's Isralien's birthday and he deserves a thread, so here it is, and he's going to israel for a while so happy b-day may there be 1 more tops, and goodbye, get out of my kitchen. See ya in a month buddeh
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    Uh, woohoo @[email protected]

    Few new ones from me. :]
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    Come love me.

    Yeah new sigs. >_>
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    New sigs Kawaii > j00 As seen in battle! ;D C&C nizzles :laff: