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    denish muhammad cartoon

    the muhammad cartoon had engage the war between western neo nazi and osama's muslim extremism. go denish! national socialism is the only way we can save our civilization from middle eastern. we will kill every last one of muslim boy once they lay their finger on danmark and great...
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    chinese depoy troops into tibet

    just watch the news earlier from tv. chinese troop start deploy troops, tanks, armor vehicle and artillary into tibat. I wonder how many people is going to be kill anyway. well let them kill each other, aleast we can learn the chinese tactic from it. which it will help us alot in the world...
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    egyptian race?

    what race that ancient egyptian people belong?(black/arab/jew/greek/caucasian/latino/asian indian/mayan) and were they extincted like american native or mayan people? discuzz! PS: I prefer that they were jewish(according to bible)
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    trouble modify in HL

    I'm start a modification of half-life and it seems to be trouble in weapon setting. included ammunition and weapon placing in HUD for example, I was going to remove crowbar from the game and add pistol as the primary weapon. but the trouble is I cant find the source code to rewrite it. so is...
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    korean history is over 10,000 years!? some bunch idiotic asian are pretending to be funny again. these "korean" claimed that the korean civilization was the oldest around the world and it could be over ten thousand years old...
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    oldest person in the world she claimed that she's 120 years old....I wonder is she for real?
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    kosovo seceded from serbia today I wonder what would happan then.. serb and russian look pretty angry
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    nuclear war final countdown first iran, then north korea, and then taiwan crisis, and now serbia and kosovo....I have a strong feeling that olympic is going to be cancel and real armaggedon war between good and evil will...
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    is that for real!? I just cant believe what I just gosh(we were been spying all these years and we dont even know !?)...I guess I was wrong about him...I just cant believe that all these day I supporting a person that is totally outrage, like a person I dont...
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    John McCain for president 2008

    he is the true leader that can leading us from the dark. his anti-immigrant and aggrassively forign policy are really attractive for me. vote for John McCain!! for the future of our homeland.
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    cloverfield monster vs eva-01

    I just seem that movie couple days ago. that monster is actually took alot of hytrogen bomb blst in the end of movie so I wondering happan if cloverfield encountering eva01 from neon genesis evangelion in rampage hardcore mode. who would win?
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    should we go to the war with russia, china and enitre middle east? i am so fury about this. they went too far!!! i guess it's time to let out all we got to punish those evil axis nation. they gone too far this time. if we go for war most of muslim state will supporting iran and china...
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    scenario of world ending

    which one is possibly happan in the future? which one will definitely destroy the humanity in near future? 1. climate change(day after tomorrow seires, vocano series..ect) 2. A.I. rebel(I robot, terminator series, metrix series, battle star series.) 3. biohazrad crisis&deadly desease(romero...
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    anyone drink monster?

    I still cant forget how great it taste..I drank 7 of them at the roll with 2 dubble layer nice. 2 of green and 1 of blue and 4 of orenge....I felt so energized until now I still feel so good and I drank 4 of them in breakfest. anyone drink monster over 7 cans in one time?
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    Jirobo vs Rock Lee

    just wonder what happan if Rock Lee in hyper strong fist(fifth chakra gate) mode fight against Jirobo in curse seal stage 2....who would win?
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    typical american winter is gone :(

    back to the day in 60's everyone kid had play the snow everyday in the winter, but now it is hardly see any snow now. I havent see the "real "snow in last year(2007) because the temperature is so high all snow torn into rain or sprinkle.(like 50 or something, some time goes to even 70 in...
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    ninjustu is real!!!! wow all I can say I always thought ninja only appears in manga and anime... but is true ninja exist!
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    red storm is rising fast guess this is a serious issue for us that we actually created a monster--china. more our industrial base is moving to china faster than we expecting. more american dollar trade into china and grows their military power and technology. more our...
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    agent 47 vs freddy

    what if agent 47(from hitman) facing freddy, who will win??
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    damage skin texture q&a again

    well i am decide to remake half-life with quake 2 feature but like mc said it is quitely possible. but here's the question, how am i suppose to make it possible?? how am i going to code it?? PS: esf has character transforming system(model change) that kinda gave me the idea. can anyone share...