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    New sig.

    Rofl @ your comment anyway, I like the Sephiroth one but the words are kinda hard to see in the corner there, the Chaos sig is a nice one too 8.5/10 Seph 8/10 Chaos
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    How do you fix these problems?

    Um, try not to go to the edge of the map when firing O_o
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    Freeza Form 4 WIP

    I like it a lot! But the thing that isn't quite right is his needs to be a bit longer, I like it though ^^ Great work
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    The way Vegeta is executing the attack clearly shows that it is Final Flash...Big Bang is executed with 1 hand
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    wacha think of my stick fight?

    It's great!!! I've never seen anything like it! Actually I have...Big Red X
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    new sig(do u like?)

    Alright I'm gonna go delete it off my account then
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    new sig(do u like?)

    Try clearing your temporary internet files by going to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files > Check off 'Delete all offline content' > Press Ok After that, close all your IE windows and try saving it again. If that doesn't work send me a message on AIM DjBenith
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    new sig(do u like?)

    I've got a ton of those sprites from playing DBZ: LOG 2 I'm not hosting, I just fixed it for ya like S-Bolt said
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    Check my new sig

    Nice sig, Evangelion r0x0rz xD!!!
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    new sig(do u like?)

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    Kakashi sig

    Words are kinda hard to see, but I agree, #1
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    sig competition top 3

    I was Renegade Saiyan back then at DBZ Boards...That brings back a lot of memories...Kaiosama, Barry, feud between DBZ Boards and's all coming back to me now :shocked:
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    sig competition top 3

    They all look great, it was hard to decide. Light Scream: I'm not sure if it's you but do you remember DBZ Boards with Trapezium and Mr. Goten?
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    Sig request DuDeS!

    **** happens
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    Sig request DuDeS!

    Hehe thanks, I'm not sure I used pictures from Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault though...That's where I fear I could be right, plus I think there's too many areas showing scan lines
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    Sig request DuDeS!

    Here's just a quickie, if you don't like something just tell me and I'll change it for ya
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    sux0ring drawing.

    2 knees maybe? :P
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    How Did U Find Esf?

    I searched for Half-Life, DBZ Games and it led me to and led me to DMZ and then I checked out their forums and they kept talking about ESF so I was like, "What's ESF?" and they explained it to me
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    unnofficial Sig Competion

    Here's my entry, I was in a rush. It was either this or homework, then babysitting, and then hours of piano lessons X_x;
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    If you the ability to put in a registration code then go there. Name: .Slim// Registration code: 18d35-FdF2Dd-DdXA23d Note: CaSe SeNsItIvE