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    Some Matrix Music Videos

    Um, Niobe, Session is by Linkin Park. It is on the Meteora CD and also on The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. And Ice Man, I decided against all music with rock simply because action music videos with that type of music are so cliched and overdone in my eyes, I decided to try something different and...
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    How many of you gonna see exorcist the beginning

    I, for the most part, feel the same way about horror movies. Almost every one has no substance whatsoever and just has what I like to call "cheap" scares by making you jump by some stupid reason.
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    Some Matrix Music Videos

    Neo's Path: 'Clocks' by Coldplay Session: 'Session' by Linkin Park Neo & Trinity Tribute: 'Where I End and You Begin' by Radiohead
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    Some Matrix Music Videos

    Hey guys, I made a few matrix music videos (3 of them) and would just like to hear all of your opinions on them. They each have a particular style that makes them unique in their own way, mainly to fit the style of the music I chose for each video. I hope you enjoy them and please leave...
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    Time Travel?

    Just like airplanes were impossible and so were cars right? It's amazing how close minded people can be even when history almost always points them in the other direction. And you are quite mistaken on the concepts of time, I suggest you read the book called The Elegant Universe if you haven't...
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    Power Struggle Invulnerability

    Blade I highly doubt it would be exploited. You expect people to charge up a full on beam at the sight of a powerful enemy's beam about to hit you and then, after all that, shoot it and enter a "random PS", all this before the enemy beam hits you. I have been playing the new version a great deal...
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    Matrix Revolution

    Actually the bumped up the release date 2 days. Nov 5th is the new official release date.
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    Power Struggle Invulnerability

    After extensive play with 1.1, I think this really needs to be changed in 1.2: Players included in a powerstruggle should be invulnerable to all other player's attacks outside of the powerstruggle PERIOD. It seems whenever I get into a powerstruggle, the other players horde the PS players with...
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    Vegeta's power

    So far in 1.1 I have never gotten to transform as Vegeta, for some reason I think the PL raises slower, or maybe its the idiots who join and crash the server every 15 minutes that make it impossible for me to transform.
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    1.1 Patch installer trouble

    When I double click on the installer, it will take a while to open. When it does, it just sits there saying "Checking for previous installed components". I sit there for what seems like an eternity, and click CTRL ALT DELETE and on the task manager it says "Not Responding". This happens...
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    1.1 Patch installer trouble

    I tried downloading the 1.0 to 1.1 patch in two of the links in the stickys, and after downloading when I clicked on both of the installers neither of them would just not respond. I tested running other similar installations wizards and they worked fine. How can I get a patch version that will...
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    SSJ Hair Length

    SSJ3 is the only transformation that increases hair length if I'm not mistaken. When Vegeta goes SSJ his hair stays at the same length. You can only see a difference in the way the other character's hairstyle is when they go SSJ is because their hair isn't already spiked up when they are normal...
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    Any chance of letting PS's auto-convert to BS's?

    While we are on the topic of blockstruggling, I think if you hit a wall while your blockstruggling it shouldn't detonate. You should just be up against the wall and still struggling it, and your life should drain while you are in between the wall and the blast. If you run out of ki it explodes...
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    Let Krillin Descend!!!!! Ss_vegeta!!

    It's for balance reasons....its a good thing to not be able to descend because when you die, you respawn in your transformed state. Saiyans have to transform every time they respawn. Krillin will only have 1 transformation while everyone else will be getting more, his trans should be permanent...
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    Fighting without Ki

    Ive actually had this idea before, thought it would be a good idea, but never got the chance to post it. I think it would add some realism and make it truer to the show.
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    playstaion go byebye!!!!!

    Hell yeah they can.
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    Hey Pcjoe I Challenge You!!!!

    Yes....yes he will.
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    I don't see why everyone is accusing ki attacks of being useless in beta. Just today I was in a server with a score of about 50 kills and 7 deaths in a team game (3 v 3) and about 70% of my kills were from ki attacks. If you know the right time to use them then ki attacks are very very useful...
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    No, that was specifically taken out so that people like yourself wouldn't be allowed to chicken out of powerstruggles and blow up the attack. If you can't deal with the fact that you can't chicken out of powerstruggles, don't enter them.
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    Catfish, if your close enough you can just press right click and you will melee them. Swooping is just there to get you close to a person.