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    Whats your Fav funny moment in DBZ

    Well over all the episodes of dbz there have been some pretty funny moments... mine would have to be when hercules desciples fight and that guy with the roses trys to fight cell and does that lil thing before he does so funny lol :laff:
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    DBZ Music

    IF anyone here wants a certain song from a saga or music they liked i have DBZ VOL 1 2 3 4 5 , Andriod 18 Club Mix and the Trunks Compenidum Album , i got them via bit torrent and have most of the music from dbz. IM me with the music theme with a description of maybe when it was played(e.g...
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    Editing Char

    Anyway possible to edit a chars starting power or health that he/she/it starts of with , i only wanna know for the purpose of versin bots not for lan use, thanks ;)
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    Howz it going ?

    Hey people whats up ?? im kinda new to all this gaming "stuff" n just got ESF 1.2.3 ,been playing for a few weeks n its alright,more interested in the 3D modelling side of things so yer just looking at the work people have done looks pretty sick , Anyway names just thought id say Hi and also to...