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    hxh question<<

    any1 know where i can get hunter x hunter OVA 2 greed island??
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    A kenshin sig

    just finished this a little while ago, this is a different style then i usually do , what do u think?
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    a couple new sigs

    I have 2 new sigs , just finished them what do you think? and this
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    rate my newest sig :smile:
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    New Kenshin sig (again)

    here is my newest sig , give it a rating EDIT: okay here is a new one i made its different then the first
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    new kenshin sig (rate it)

    Here is my newest sig... What do you think?
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    new trunks sig

    this one is different then what i usually make , rate it 1/10
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    yusuke sig

    I decided to make a Yu Yu Hakusho sig this time,,, in this is during the dark tournament when yusuke is in the cave after receiving the spirit wave orb thingy(whateva its called)-- :p ,i make the bg to dark but oh well , what do you think?
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    - - new sig - -

    Here we go , its been a long time since I have made a sig of course the text says " kenshin Himura " What do you think :devgrin: ?? ,,,,,
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    overflowing problem

    i have a problem when im playing a game i get kicked out into the console and it says i overflowed , y does it do that and how do i fix it
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    some bryce art

    <img src= > its made in bryce , im still new to it so give me some crits
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    my first bryce picture

    well i see every1 else is making them so i decided to.. <img src= > its my first so u might not think its good , & even i think the name i made for it is *** but thats what it looks like lol EDIT: okay i forgot to say i edited it in photoshop some...
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    some gifs ive made

    ive gotten a little better but not much what do u think i should do to get better at it , and to fix the quality as well <img src= > <img src= > <img src= > <img...
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    image rdy help

    has any1 here made gifs in image rdy? well i have and i noticed u can put a good quality picture and then when u save optimized it makes it look bad does any1 know a way around this:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    a new sig

    <img src= > credits to dudeman for the free bg's (i just modified a bit) what do u think?
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    the sigs i made

    which of them do you think is best?[list=1] <img src= > <img src= > [/list=1] im trying it with different bg's
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    a sig i made

    <img src= > okay i noticed that the image above is a little ruff so i did another 1 *its basically the same thing* tell me what you think <img src= > what do you think of it? *tell me if the picture shows because...
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    Does anyone here know how to trap a soul? and use it to enchant an item? & what skill you need for it?
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    the best program

    what do you all think the best program for making sigs is? btw - does any1 here know where i can download some patterns for photoshop 7.0
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    photoshop 7.0 patterns

    is there a way to get more patterns?