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  1. Saiyan Warrior

    Beta 1.2 Trailer

    I never would have thought that 1.2 would be this nice, it just looks fantastic.
  2. Saiyan Warrior

    unnofficial Sig Competion

    Here's mine:
  3. Saiyan Warrior

    esf-bot version 3.0 is done

    I put the zip file on there too now.
  4. Saiyan Warrior

    esf-bot version 3.0 is done

    I haven't played with them yet so I can't say anything about that but I put them on my site cuz you are asking for other hosts. exe file: Link zip file: Link
  5. Saiyan Warrior

    ¡¡¡¡¡help me!!!!

    Read this to fix it:
  6. Saiyan Warrior

    New sig and ava

    Yeah, that spiderman one sucked. I changed my sig a couple of times before I made this one so you must not have seen those cuz that spiderman one is not my old sig.
  7. Saiyan Warrior

    New sig and ava

    I can't put the trunks in the middle cuz he was at the side of a picture so his right shoulder isn't on there completly.
  8. Saiyan Warrior

    Active users...

    I think that hibiki has the most posts, he has more than 7000 posts
  9. Saiyan Warrior

    New sig and ava

    What do you guys think of it?
  10. Saiyan Warrior

    Please Help.

    You type addbot in the console or you press the = button to open the bot menu.
  11. Saiyan Warrior


    All the mirrors are on the files page of the site:
  12. Saiyan Warrior

    Multi PS?

    It's the first one.
  13. Saiyan Warrior

    question, NOT esf

  14. Saiyan Warrior

    My New ESF Music...

    Those two songs are really good, I like them a lot.
  15. Saiyan Warrior

    Alpha 2.0 Trailor

    Thats pretty good, I looks like it was fun to play that. Especially those PS look great, the beams don't bend and that is a lot better then now.
  16. Saiyan Warrior

    Sound Help :cry:

    Press ctrl+alt+del and then right click on the esf application and choose "bring to front"
  17. Saiyan Warrior

    Change Nickname

    Here's the list of them:
  18. Saiyan Warrior

    Change Nickname

    You have to ask an administrator to change it.
  19. Saiyan Warrior

    Errrrr.... Bot doesn't work

    You can dl it here:
  20. Saiyan Warrior

    top 3 songs on the moment

    The offspring - Original prankster Three doors down - Kryptonite Drowning pool - Let the bodies hit the floor