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    kidbuu skin

    Hey, that skin looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got 2 Human dragonball fight movies for yooo!

    Cool Stuff OMG this films really rock!!!!!!!
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    Cool Idea
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    Grab move

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    New Gameplay Mode Idea!

    sounds very good
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    Oh my god, those models rocks!!!!!!
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    Wanting a request

    Ok ive got an idea, what about SonGokus Home. or Planet vegeta. What do you think?? Hasta la victoria siempre OneOfTheBadGuys
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    Instant replay

    The idea with the replay is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE OneOfTheBadGuys
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    Goku wip

    THE HAIR ARE TO FAT Hey Smo, the model is nearly perceft. But I think the hair are to fat. Try to change it. Hasta la victoria Siempre OneOfTheBadGuys
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    ESF,... to be continued????

    Thanks for answering me!!!!!!!!! I am very happy about the answers OneOfTheBadGuys:)
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    ESF,... to be continued????

    Hello everybody, if got a little question. Esf Beta is the best DBZ-Mod i´ve ever played. But i think there are not enough characters. So, my question: Are you gonna continue earth special forces? I think if you continue esf, many fans will be more happier. But if you not continue, the...