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    i suck hehe deal with it

    yeah i have a life so its hard to get good like you
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    i suck hehe deal with it

    just another sig... i really have nothing to work on so im taking old pics of myself and fing with them
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    first sig...

    well i think it would help a lot if i knew what is the standard for sigs but hey here goes =P i just got bored today
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    Animated Gif

    Just a Gif i made that is DBZ themed.. wanted to know what u think...
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    Buu 'S'

    Umm those are the buus from dragon mod z if im correct... and i know i am lol
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    So there is no way to get the beta? cause the alpha that u can d/l on this site just makes me mad =( im dissappointed cause from the pics and the new vids im so excited i have been playing dmz while i wait for the new version to come out