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    Saga Idea

    boe is styling their gameplay like this. each release will be a different saga. we'll start off at saiyan saga, then we'll go on from there, all the way to buu saga
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    Jap Sound pack ?

    try i think they had one for the alpha, but i believe it should still work
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    how ascend twice?.

    thats ussj, and it isnt an official transformation. its basically a super saiyan sacrificing speed for power
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    Perfect cell secret

    actually, pan and ubuu are in dbz right at the end... pan beats a huge guy in the tenaki budokai
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    room of spirit and time i think...
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    ESF-Bot Alpha - Questions & Bugs

    i got a bug. when i kill a bot, it transforms! it isnt there, but the sound and aura is... as well as the diamond above its head
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    The ESF-Bot

    i hope you dont make it so that the bots join automaticly, its annoying that way... make it so you have to add them yourself
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    Wall bug

    sometimes i get stuck on a wall...
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    Transformation Animation

    yea, one of them is he curls up into a ball, and starts spinnig around and changes
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    any NEWS ON.....

    um, why would you do that? esf beta 1 is already out...:\ :S
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    hey, is Trunks too sucky?

    im actually pretty good with trunks, i see nothing wrong with him...
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    DMC Tournaments

    post the team members, and the team name on the tournament board, under Firest ESF Tournament
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    Melle Question

    ok, i read on someone else's post(forgot which one) that melee guides you to the target. is this true, or is it a bunch of bs? ps, plz dont flame me for this. pps. i ment melee, not melle for the thread title
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    DMC Tournaments

    i personally said a one on one tournament..... REJECTED!
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    Transformation Animation

    My fave is Trunks' transofmation. It looks almost exactly like it looks in the History Of Trunks they should change buu's transformation so that the other buu pops out of fat buu and then eats him.
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    DMC Tournaments

    dont work that way:S
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    DMC Tournaments

    jeez, if thats a team, the tournament is already over....:S
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    DMC Tournaments

    we might end up waiting for 1.1, if they release it soon, but anyway, can someone plz make this a sticky?
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    DMC Tournaments

    We at DMC will be holding team ESF tournaments monthly. all the details are here could a moderator please make this a sticky?
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    Idea for Gotenks

    they had a model like that in bid for power