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    Trunks Model

    not another question .... oh well, :P My trunks model is for some reason not putting away his sword when I change powers. Why is that? Like when i do his burning attack? It looks like he is slashing himself lol. Anyway. Is there a fixed model that I can get from someone?
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    Kibot and ESF Bot

    I tried the kibots but they dont work (duh) but when i tried the ESF bots (because they were showed with the esf 1.1 dl) It did the same thing as kibot (Stops weapons being used and bots dont do much at all) is there a due date on when there are going to be new bots? Or have i done something wrong?
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    I never did learn how to block actually (can you believe it? O_O ) So can someone teach me? how do you make the block actually go in your favour? stopping it otherwise... that is in a powerstruggle and a normal block... cause i always lose and normally die lol O_o