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    change class without dying bug

    Here is my most favourite bug in ESF. When in a power strugle, change your character and you will change to him instantly while strugling! (without dying as a bonus). this is so 1337. The other day i was Vegeta doing a Kamehameha ! LOL O_O
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    Transformation - More Dramatic

    I've noticed transforming only takes about 9 seconds. Why not make it look 1337, say about 30 seconds (while playing their offcial theme :)) and a bit more effects (much more :)). Though the first time you go..say SSJ1 it should only be 30 seconds meaning that if you decended after that and then...
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    Faster! Faster! Faster!

    u cant fly or run really fast, not even if ur power level is 99999999999999. they only move fast when u have a lock on someone doing a melee :rolleyes: Thats the only thing i liked in BFP, the speed. u guys gonna make it faster ?
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    Beta 1.1 Release Date

    I don't wanna pressure you guys or anything, but please tell me that Beta 1.1 will be released before May 2003 ? PS. This really is the best mod availible for Half-Life. I wish you guys the best of luck for future versions! :p