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  1. Lil Gohan

    Call of duty demo out!

    that games like...the best game ive ever played....seriously....
  2. Lil Gohan


    you can save the sword as an ms3d file, and then merge it with the other model. (file----->merge...)
  3. Lil Gohan


    you can change what it says in the hud in the "titles.txt" file in your ESF directory. :]
  4. Lil Gohan

    I'm so confused, can you a question about making maps for me please

    did you hollow your box and put a light in it?
  5. Lil Gohan


  6. Lil Gohan

    Cooler Model

    here are some pics.
  7. Lil Gohan

    Model Request

    i made one....its not very good though i can give it to you on AIM
  8. Lil Gohan

    Need help finding.... theres a link to SSJ's Vegetto sound pack :]
  9. Lil Gohan

    What I think Attacks and Transformations should be. My List.

    Shouldnt one of Gohan's transformations be mystic?
  10. Lil Gohan

    my new sig

    pretty cool, i like the glowiness around the vegeta's :p
  11. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    Another updated pic
  12. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    heres and updated pic o_o
  13. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    ok, i will :)
  14. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    i didnt cut out the gohan, i clone stamped it in :S
  15. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    i made a new sig, tell me what you think
  16. Lil Gohan

    Should the Androids be in ESF? | VOTE |

    id have to say 17 and 18 they are my favorite androids..and maybe 16 hes cool.
  17. Lil Gohan

    Attacks, And a list of Attacks for Future Transformations... Please READ.

    Sounds pretty good to me............btw u forgot piccolo's eye laser;)
  18. Lil Gohan

    Z fighters

    I dont think that the different person when u transform thing is a good idea. As you said, it would be very unrealistic. Good thinking tho ;)
  19. Lil Gohan

    Help PLEASE

    When you start a server, go into advanced and then switch the game mode to Capture The Dragonballs :)
  20. Lil Gohan

    Will a Brolli skin ever be made?

    the brolli model isnt for esf