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  1. []Kirby

    A simpler Advanced melee (maybe)

    The idea behind this advanced melee mode is to: A. move around the map more B. stop those pesky ppl who wait around till its over then kamehameha ur butox C. more fun D. elminate random arrows Ok my idea would have once you go into advanced melee mode you have two choices. Block...
  2. []Kirby

    ESF Torunoment ring

    I was wondering if any one would be kind enough to make this :) or to show me how to make it i would greatly appciated it to i dunno forever? The idea behind this is to have a to scale budokai ring for an offical ESF budokai tornumet (if it happens :D) all it would have to require is the...
  3. []Kirby

    ESF Tornoment

    Ok the idea behind the tornoment is to be like this. 1. A 6 arena place is for elmination purpouses like 1 ring for Vegeta vrs Vegeta to determine the best Vegeta player to go into the real turnoment. Same goes for all other characters. 2. A to scale Budokai tornoment arena with...
  4. []Kirby

    Gundam game

    i think it would be awesome if some one took the esf format and slightly altered it to fit the gundam series like pick the best moblie suits you can think of like swooping would be the dodge to the side melee would be beam sword/heat ax ect its just an idea though i don't have the skill or $$ to...
  5. []Kirby

    combo help

    can any one send me a pm that tells me how to do those long combos for adv melee like the one punch one its 3 punches long and if u don't dodge all three ur going to get hit like 8 times that u can't block same goes for the kick if any one can help me at all on this it would be greatly...
  6. []Kirby

    umm yeah i dunno where else to put this

    i dunno where else to post this question but what type of 3d modeler do you guys use like (CRAP i forget the higher end one all i remeber is the lower ended free ware version) o well since i can't remeber what its called who uses gmax? lol cause thats pretty good at 3d modeling if you don't...
  7. []Kirby

    where'cha get the sigs?

    man iv been looking around and i see some awsome sigs i just want to know if you guys created them or had some one create them for u?