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    Piccolo WIP

    upper body looks good its just that the arms have to be raised like someone said and the lower body looks unusually long i think its because u have to make the area between his belt and his crotch shorter but other then that it looks good.
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    OMG!! So many vegetas!

    i think that the arms might be close to the right length but the hands r to small so they look off. also the waist is too big and his neck look weird. try to post a side and wire.
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    Quite a few vegetas so heres another

    face skin heres my first ever attempt at skinning
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    Quite a few vegetas so heres another

    Normal Vegeta i dont know whats wrong with him he looks weird in some way i know someone will be able to tell me. oh and it would be helpful if someone could tell me how to map more then one set of uvs in maya.
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    Applying More then one skin in Maya 5

    i have made a model in maya and have mapped uvs for the head, upper body and lower body now i wanna skin them. i tried to follow the help and i got it to map the head but i dont know how to map the other parts. maybe a tutorial or something would help cause man i have no clue
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    Here it is VEGETA 1.0!!!!!!!!!!

    alright taker ease gir i know hes got no clothes on im workin on it. :rolleyes: fixed the calves a little and his legs they did look pretty weird. im gunna fix his upper body now and work on his hands.
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    Here it is VEGETA 1.0!!!!!!!!!!

    im done vegeta minus the skinning which i have no idea how to do mostly because i havent tried learning. not done his hands yet thats the only thing im having quite the time with em.
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    1970 Challenger

    beauty car hey man its never a bad idea to show off a beaut muscle car. thats one of my favs for sure good choice. im workin on a 82 vette but havent gotten to much done on it lately. nice job on the car man id like to see a render without the scratches though ;)
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    Vegeta Head!!!

    heres the revised head i eliminated some unused polys to lower the count but i cant seem to get the chin right. just for the hell of it heres the head on the body. i know the shoulders need some work. :yes:
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    Vegeta Head!!!

    Vegeta Head!!! Updated here it is first time through so tell me how i can make it better thanks
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    Torso and Arms WIP

    heres a quick update thanks for the posts ya i fixed her up a bit but i still gotta work on the shoulds and the size of the arms. oh ya i fixed the neck man dont look so squished now haha.
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    Goku WIP

    Good Job Man this is got to be one of the best models ive seen. its a beaut for sure his face looks good man keep her up. :yes:
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    Torso and Arms WIP

    heres that torso and arms from the tutorial that was posted. its suppose to be for vegeta but i dont know hes pretty jacked for that so who knows.
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    how do i post a image off my hard drive

    how do i post a image off my hard drive
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    im new here

    if i wanted to post my picture off my hard drive how would i do that i dont understand thanks