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  1. MR GUMP!!

    Faster Beam Charge

    Well At the moment, advanced games are almost 100% melee. Charge a beam and some one sees this 1/2 second break in defence and uses it to thier advantage. When you hit some one, people keep thier ki high enough so that they recover fast. My idea is for beam atacks to charge significantly...
  2. MR GUMP!!

    Maximum explosion radius

    Well i was thinking, and i think it would be a good idea to have a maximum explosion radius on each atack. for example, a kamehameha could never have a larger exploion radius than (lets say 200 feet), where a Final Flash could never have a larger explosion radius than (lets say 350 feet)...
  3. MR GUMP!!

    Melee skill idea

    Well I had an idea concerning the melee skill of characters. I was thinking that not all characters should be equal in melee. There could be a melee skill number in the character selection along with speed, hp, ect. Basically what this would do is this, the higher your melee skill the more...
  4. MR GUMP!!

    New Explosion Idea!

    Well I was playing Ground Control lately and i just noticed how buitiful the exposions are, and how simple they are. Basically they are all composed of 2d spirtes aranged in a 3d fasion. If u guys do not know what im talking about ill post some screen shots. Another thing, It would rock if...
  5. MR GUMP!!

    tranformations, faster beam speed

    Well i was thinking, that as people tranform and become faster, that beams should do the same thing. Pretty simple consept i guess.
  6. MR GUMP!!

    Explosion effects

    Well i thought that the explosion in beta 1 could be make to look far more intresting by adding a small particles system when there is an explosion. Like add some dust and lots of debree that flies out depending if it comes in contact with the map, similar to when ur close to the ground and u...
  7. MR GUMP!!

    ki blast idea

    Well i had an idea about the current ki blast in beta 1, the secondary fire mode(right mouse) is right on, but i thought that the primary atack is kinda bland, maybee it could be charable similar to the generic beam but like 2/3 the charge time and of course not be a beam.
  8. MR GUMP!!

    2 foot melee bug

    well i found that if u get really close to some one like the point where u stop movieng, that u cant melee them, u have to back up then hit. It get really agrivating when u get a perfect teleport right at the person feet then u cant hit em cuz ur too close.
  9. MR GUMP!!

    Teleport Issues

    Well i just had a little idea dealing with the "teleporting" in esf. I was thinking that when u join a game and have base pwr lvl that you move from point A(being the point where first initiate the "teleport" key) to point B slower than if u had like 3 mil pwr lvl. So the higher you pl that...
  10. MR GUMP!!

    Tourny saturday june 29th

    Well im hoseting a Tourny this saturday at around 5:00 pm est. There is only gana be 16 alowed because that makes out a nice tournament tree system. If you are intrested send me an E-mail at I would apriciate it if you would tittle your e-mail Tournament aplication, I...
  11. MR GUMP!!

    Mega Kamehameha?

    I was justhinking about the mega/choa (or how ever it is spelled) kamehameha, i dont remember exactly what episode it is used in but, man was it cool. It would be great to add to the game, kinda a counter part of final flash (of course it should be less powerful than ff though) but would...
  12. MR GUMP!!

    Increasing power lvl by charging atacks

    This Idea came to me when i saw the Raditz vrs picolo+goku episodes, As Goku and picolo charged up thier atacks the scouter recognised it, showing that thier pwr lvl was increasing. I personaly dont think this would be of difficult nature to code, but then again I dont know alot about codeing