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  1. scribex


    Everytime I try to play on a EVM server it closes the game, it doesn't come up with an error just closes ESF can anyone help?? Thanks
  2. scribex


    what maps does CTDB (Capture the dragonball) work on?
  3. scribex

    The Programs

    Hey, I was just wondering what modeling programs you guys use. At the moment I use 3ds max 6 but I find this abit boring and long winded are there any other programs worth buying? (p.s tried milkshape don't like it) Thanks, :D
  4. scribex

    any particular reason?

    Hey, I was just wondering.. whenever i try to play on a server with sounds, models, sprites or maps other than te default it won't work, it closes the game. Can someone please help? thanks. :(
  5. scribex

    what one?

    Quote: "4. Once installed, run Half-Life once." this was taken from a guide on how to sucessfully install ESF I was just wondering what HL you had to run? or can it be any? e.g HL source, HL: lost coast, HL 2 if someone can tell me which one I would be very greatfull :)