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  1. Goj1ta

    Irc on website wont work

    Irc isnt working for me it says: IRC Chat Live Chat in the ESF Chat room! Please enter your name to connect to the ESF chat room! Disabled, due to excessive CPU load Why does it say this and why cant i get in the chat
  2. Goj1ta

    My cheap ssj 3 drawn on comp

  3. Goj1ta

    Ki balls and beams

    You should be able to shoot alot of ki balls fast like vegita did against cell when trunks got hurt But they should make alot of smoke to and holes i nthe ground so you dont know if you killed them yet and beams should make holes and Smoke also the smokes a important thing in dbz
  4. Goj1ta


    You Both stand be side each other and hit the ssame button at the same time you turn into gogeta or veggito.etc and one player gets to play him for 1 minute and the other gets to play him the other 1 minute
  5. Goj1ta

    New sig!!!!

    check it out