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  1. Chosen Saiyan

    your first model replacement

    my first model replacement was great saiyaman for 1.0 and i dl it at gsf. and how about you guys>? your first replacement?
  2. Chosen Saiyan

    i cant stop making sigs

    anothere sig i made :S in the ssj4goku sig i made the background with a ssj4 picture i'm gonna take it easy now with sig making or else the whole signature section is full om mah treads.
  3. Chosen Saiyan

    mah new sig

    just take a look
  4. Chosen Saiyan

    3 minutes sig!

    check it out i made it in 3 minutes if ya take a good look you can see in tha vegeta sig a majin vegetga background and in that goku sig a goku background. i know the the text is veryvery simple but i cant chAnge it because im a noob sig maker and i deleted my tex layer. how do i get it back?
  5. Chosen Saiyan


    yo i'm working on a new sig now and i want to make a nice text efect but i clicked the text layer away. how do i get it back?
  6. Chosen Saiyan

    my 2th sig

    well what ya think?
  7. Chosen Saiyan

    my first sig ever! critsz?

    yo check out my sig it's my first i ever made. i made it with photoshop and I KNOW its kinda big critsz?
  8. Chosen Saiyan

    paint shop pro or photoshop?

    yo i downloaded paint shop pro and photoshop a while ago and i know how to use both programs to make sigs. But i can't use the programs anymore cuz the sixty days of trying are over. Now i want to buy one of the programs but wich one? wich one is the best? plz help me
  9. Chosen Saiyan

    my first 2 sigs..

    yo i made two sigs today: just take it easy on me i both make them with paint
  10. Chosen Saiyan

    how to edit or make sprites?

    does anyone know how to make or add sprites? i searched where i could ask this, but no results.
  11. Chosen Saiyan

    new sig request

    could someone plz make a animated sig for me plz? i'd like to have one with my first sig and a new one: a sig with thos 2 pictures and with a nice red background plz and then...