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    Beta 1 will be ownage

    We all know beta 1 will own us all but why are we waiting for so long i mean some people can't wait that long cause they have things to do like me :/ i really want to play this damn mod but i can't because i have to wait to 2 am i belive so come on man have some feeling for us people who are...
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    Beta 1 Question

    When will beta be released in new york i need to know badly lord help me i think i'm going to die in pain i will commit suicide:fight: :fight: :fight: O_O :cry:
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    Its 12:03 do you know where your children are?

    Anyway ignore that subject :P lol who here is going to stay up till the game comes out i know i am i can't wait the game looks so cool i looked at the trailer i wet my pants the ssj transformation looks awesome...esf team you did a awesome job and i want to thank you for one of the best mods...
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    Just wondering

    I know its comming out on november 27 but... can you tell us what time :) like can you release it at 1:00 am or 12:00 am even if you do your god even though you still are :) :) :) :) :) ;)