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    Any pilots?

    Hi im just wondering if there are any pilots on this forum...i realize most ppl are very young here but ill ask nonetheless i plan on getting my private license and i was wondering if it is worth it.
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    When is the forum comp winners thing going to be used?

    ^^^^^^ simple question
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    Forum reading = hard

    Um.... am i the only one here who uses 800-600 resolution? its a pain in the ass having to scroll across to read posts.......could that be changed for us who are visually chalenged and must use lower resolution?
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    Is it just me or is this the ugliest forum ive ever seen.......

    Liked the old one much better :(
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    Any Hockey fans here?

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    Master of orion 3 went Gold!!

    Anyone else here a diehard moo3 fan?! :cry: :cry: i have no money.....:cry: :cry:
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    Block Struggle question (another)

    I was wondering if when you are in a block struggle and you deflect the beam towards another player and that player shoots a beam at the defelected beam does that become a new power struggle?
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    Beta Mirrors

    I was wondering how many different places are going to carry your beta and i really hope there is not just fileplanet.
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    Thank You Veterans for laying down your lives so we could be here now in this world of freedom.
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    beta 1

    anyone else think that they are saving the beta for a christmas present??? .. December 25 thats what i think.:idea:
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    i need the beta!!! i need it now!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!

    I need the beta now!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!:devil: