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    Cast your opinoin

    i know i cant spell but you get what i mean. now... i realise there have been a lot of threads about this already but i jsut want to start a topic for everyone to post in. instead of ppl having to search like mad to find something out. this is a thread for everyone to have a say in what they...
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    help out

    this is more of a request than anything. and it might actualy be closed but oh well. does anyone remember the anime from around 94 - 95 teknoman? of for the japanese fans, tekkaman blade? this was an awesome anime bout a guy who tries to stop an invasion on earth. he fights his family who are...
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    Diffrent Ki System

    these are just a few of my ideas that could make the game a little more enjoyable. at least i think so. 1.) i'm not sure about everyone else, but why is it that if someone with a 10 000 000 powerlevel seems to run out of ki just as fast, if not faster than someone with a 1 000 000 power...