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    Anyone of you has budokai 1(!) soundpack?

    thought someone could have that game, then he could record it on computer and then giving it to ME!^^ but not all sounds.. im searchin for special ones... but later about this.. first want to know if someone has it and has the ability to record em and giving em to me..(the sounds) i...
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    Spank teh monkeeeh!!! yeaa ppl!! show me you hiscores!! mine was sth with 690.. ill try it later again to prove you EDIT: monkeeh monkeeeh!!!^^
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    Model wont move during transformation

    mm.. why does the model still moves with the camera when you are about to transform? i would like to see the model from all directions while transformin.. whats the use for the movement while transing? just freeze the movement and let the camera turn around the model or something.. or even...
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    Transform during blocks and..

    yea right. i think you should be able to transform when you block stuff. of course just if you already can transform... would be cool^^ another thing is: when you reflect any kiballs beams and stuff, the reflected projectiles should fly down to earth in a curve, and slower...and with...
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    ESF Music Videos

    hey, wouldnt it be cool if some people would make cool esf music clips? like the dbz ones out there... would be extremely cool sometimes im watching at the released movies from the esf team and i really like em. how they were made, how perfectthe music fits in and melts with the movie itself...
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    Question bout Meele 1.2

    as almost everyone in the meele movies saw, when you contact the opponent youll hit him with several punches till hes unconst.. un.. stunned. this all happens in a horizontal way what if you hit him from above? will you punch him down? heres a sample pic to make you understand without...
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    Fanstuff for official ESF! Why not?

    first,dont get me wrong. second: dont hit me, dont even touch me! (hehe, im weird, huh? but anyways) i know the esf team has better things to do than toying with eye candy around. some people around here made pretty good looking auras and beamsprites and stuff. u know, to make it look...
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    o_O advanced meele even in 1.1?

    o_O ah well.. maybe its my bad eyes but i wonder what happened last night with me on a server.. am i that bad or are others THAT good!? its hard to explain but ill try(guess thats the reason about this thread^^) i fought a dude in meele mode but he.. was really good i htink(even...
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    What kind of music do listen to when u play ESF?

    thought this coul be interesting what music you all hear during play. im just curious me hears music from these dbz music videos.. u know.. linkin park, limp bizkit and stuff..
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    Whats EVM ´s url?

    i just heard bout these mods for esf (O_o) and now im curious what they got. the one i have, but whats the url from EVM ? and before telling me using the search option; try by yourself, then you understand why im opening this thread.. (because searching for EVM doesnt work; dont know...
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    DBZ Hyper Dimension

    Dont revieve dead toppics, huh? just didnt want to open a new thread but hey, if ppl say so.. oookay, anyways^^ who knows dbz hyper dimnesion? okay... another question: who likes dbz hd and wants to play it?(against me^^)
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    Japanese Soundpack for ESF

    hello everybody here i would like to share my almost done jap soundpack for esf. well.. umm.. couldnt take some pictures but i can upload some sample sounds if yo want well.. i didnt made these sounds by myself. i harvested em from different sites and other games like ...the one for...