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    My site / templates / signature / affbuttons / favicon :-)

    Thanks, and sorry about that.
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    Rinoa Heartilly

    Looks deformed I meant the hands btw.
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    yes another wall

    Its clean, but too yellow, try throwing in some other colors.
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    Whats wrong with me key code?

    If it still doesnt work, send the box / cdkey slip to them tell them it doesnt work, they should give you a new one, if not then sue Valve.
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    My site / templates / signature / affbuttons / favicon :-)

    My art: And some more: The whole site is also a piece of art, so are the other templates. Favicon: Bookmark. Affbuttons Dynamic signature (look below)
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    Capture the dragon balls??

    CTB is still experimential, if you didnt read the text beside it...
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    Kid Buu WIP!

    You should see what he said about it on ghp...
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    Kid Buu WIP!

    Smo did make the model... And who is flaming? Please speak English...
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    Kid Buu WIP!

    Wow Smo, Yorke did a great job on that model, gj Smo, Yorke, bad bad kreshi...
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    VB C++ Tut (4 a beginer)

    Congratulations on puberty.
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    New bug, Dragon Balls

    Your not supposed to post crash bugs and the dev team does already know this........
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    Beams jumping....literally

    This has already been posted :-)
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    Found crash bug

    Send it to pcjoe or the other coder harsens?
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    Z4 "Power Struggle City" Banned...

    Well Im playing in a server, title of the topic inside the ""s I have 15m pl transformed from wishes "Cellarena map" I charge a kame with goku, Use the teleport while attack is charged / charging and nailed somone, next up I get disconnected from server, Im like huh? Retry in console...
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    Intel or AMD?

    My amd athlon 1.1 ghz owns my friends p4 2.0 ghz sooo amd :-) Pros of INTEL: You can overclock them and they can take heat better. Pros of AMD: They are more than 2 x faster than intel. CONS of intel, way slower than amd, overclock wrong and they are dead. cant overclock to make up...
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    Can make wishes in spectator mode.

    I saw it being exploited on my server,no one was near dbs, except a red diamond type thing, dragon got summoned, wtf? no one was near, cept that red thing, 1 person in spectator, I goto spectator press use next time balls came, bang wish thing came up, banned the exploiter and reported it.
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    Video card decisions

    geforce 2 mx 400 or something for 30 bucks... its what I use on my system and get constant 60 fps, 109 in vietcong (and higher)
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    send me esf plz because im so lazy

    Check the files section on the main page, possibly?
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    Get 6 dbs, only to have somone steal wish with last db

    Its supposed to give you another wish next time but doesnt work...