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    Question ...please answer

    em they cant go any further unless you play evm:d
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    What kind of car do you have?

    skoda felicia 1900D i know what you think but i like it cause it was cheap to buy and drive. Very happy with my car:d
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    do you use save for web?I remember its really small then.
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    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    mutated :d
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    Help me next

    i dont want to open new topic for this but does anyone knows what client dropped from server means?:s
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    More of me :P!

    hmm link seems to be down:(
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    pain come here and help me!!!!!

    Pain why did you close my thread :(
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    Moving Images

    i remember i made one with image ready:d you can probaly make one with flash as well.
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    azerty problems here you can download full 1.2.3 or upgrade if you have other version
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    azerty problems

    hehe lucky qwerty users:) its a real pain to type like this,cause when you have to type fast nobody understand a word of what you type. ty for help,ill keep looking:d
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    azerty problems

    hi, When i follow your instructions it says my keyboard is dutch(belgium) wich is what it should be ingame.The problem however is that half life doenst seem to like that and puts the keyboard on qwerty. Maybe there is some kind of commando for console like keyboard be or so?
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    azerty problems

    hi i got a problem with azerty keyboard. when ever i type: q=a a=q w=z z=w probaly cause half life/esf sets keyboard to qwerty i tried to look for on the internet or ask players online but nobody seems to know how to change it to azerty. anyone know how to fix this? ty in advance.