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    Don't change Blocking: I found a way around the annoying Block Spammers

    you want to take me on on melee? my score 2 hours before post ( melee combo only ) :]
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    "melee noob"

    my score this was done all by melee combo ....i got called every name in the book.:devil:
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    Picture host

    funny ......:rolleyes: anyhoo go to here : thats where i placed my sig:]
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    Kid Buu

    the pic dont work .try to edit it ;)
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    y?! are ppl like that

    I had a instance that i was meleeing this dude and i was always beeting him , i was faster to aim and teliport than him ( i was on a server i didnt have 0 ping:yes: ) and throught out the hole game he kept saying i was a hacker and that i made a script or somthing . He changed his name...
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    ESF CLan Leaders List

    np Chester my respect for you is resonable since you said you are sorry. and i know what you mean about what a clan is all about ..its jest ive been with meny .....i have made lots of freinds but ,....i guess its only my bad luck :S mabie one day that will change ...
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    ESF CLan Leaders List

    yes i did ....but they mostly acted like 4 year old kids ..i couldent tolirate it ,so i left ( -=LG=-) btw . that remark was not called for you dont know me and or know who i talk to .....hence "just cause you dont have any friends" means nothing ,you mean nothing if you show no respect ( and...
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    ESF CLan Leaders List

    Since i dont have the experence of a well devoped clan i choose to keep my skill to reptesent me No one elce .... jest a idea to save you stress , fighting if you dont like the other clan member, if the clan hasent been stable with a website fully developed,and or a roster .......clans are...
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    What's in a Name.

    well for me ...Dragon= is the ultamte power ....wins = i play with skill and i mosty end up top on score board ..hence DrAgonWins
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    about advanced melee system

    yup i agree.. even with the 0 ping bug ...swoop and block has no lick wining agenst the admin. but heh ... jest practice before the next patch ..:fight:
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    testing my sig

    hmm hope it works:]
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    How to run -console in WinXP???

    ok here is the comand to your HL short cut . C: \SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console- -games esf" it may be diffrent on your fiel setup ...but you know how it works good luck ;)
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    what is the msg i realy didnt under stand you .:]
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    A testers view on esf :)

    :yes: good input make a good point the skill factor of this game will be higher and more intence. but also you have the problem of peple that die in a random death ( 2v1 ) so on , how would peps deal with waiting to get back in action . you may lose people that play the game or it wont...
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    the new bots

    Hey hey ...well i tryed the new bot sys and it is realy nice .....But ( i know the bots are still beta ) but the skill lvl range (1 eazy 10 hardest) = 2 guy put in AWSOME effort i cant wait for the next bot upgrade ! :)
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    server crash (dragonball collecton)

    ty for the reply my bad for not looking firsto_o
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    server crash (dragonball collecton)

    with a random time of collecting dragon balls the server overloads....will this be fixed on the upcoming patch?:fight: