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    even though i have the correct amount of Ki why cant i transform well ar least it looks like theyre not the file is esfb100 so i dun think its because its alpha why is it like this???
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    ESF Counter-Strike Problems

    Ok i have no half-life juss retail Counter-Strike v1.0 im dling v1.5 now but do i still need dah half-life update and if so where can i get it cuz the one from fileplanet dat says full update from any version of half-life to says wrong language so what i want to know is do i...
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    ESF Crash

    whenever i try to crate a game on any map it crashes right after it says "Done Precaching Resources..." on the console screen i installed it to couter-strike does dat mean i have to download dah patch for halflife 1100 please help me wit my problem