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    "Monster? I'm not a monster, im the Devil!"

    VEgETa i dont wanna see brooly do finger laser sigh
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    "Monster? I'm not a monster, im the Devil!"

    VEgETa i dont wanna see brooly do finger laser sigh
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    well some might wonder were the sensu beans are they are only on som maps BUT u cant see them cause they are under ground *BuG* i think anywas get this then ull se them but now they are in bags :D
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    emm thx guys i pretty much now hes life story:P now wre can i watch the movies:P
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    hi iveread the books but not seen the cartonns ive only read dragonball and this brolly guys doesnt appear there so my question is: ho is brolly?
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    the cd- key is what matters u gotta have a real other wise say hello to *Browse games*
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    still a wip, but a drawing,

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    Beam graphic bug..

    what u should do i lower the quality for beam tht worked for me
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    im going crazy

    g its really anyoing
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    round based

    i think if u couldplay round-based matchs in esf like in cs tht would be fun. a bot told me the idea and i liked it:P
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    im going crazy

    whille im playing having so fun sudenly the games just shuts down its really really enoying is there like a patch tht can stop this? :cry:
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    Dragon balls

    well u push up the radar f9 then ull see orange dots they are dragon balls then collect them then press b close to them then the ugly dragon comes up then u can choosee betwenn *immortality*strenght*freindship* then u chose :P thts pretty much it. oh if u start a server and want dragon balls u...
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    ... thx exuse me for being stupid
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    ummcan u like download evm or something cause i dont now were gimmiea link?
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    ESF only launches Steam Browse Games

    well i had tht problem too. what u nned to do is get a half life generation cd-key then at browse games theres a little sign saying *register a product i already own then push tht then wright in the cd keythen u chosse what games u wnna play with steam then u chosee half life*the orange one*...
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    ^^ were do i put the files .wad

    ok thx it woorks now end of trhead
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    ^^ were do i put the files .wad

    u mean just put guru.wad and namek.wad among models sounds and all those other files :confused:
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    ^^ were do i put the files .wad

    were do i put namek.wad and guru.wad ^^ last trhead im promise ;)
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    Yet another Question

    or otherwise just shoot a beam right back at him =P
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    whats a wad file?

    as the title whats a wad file when i try a map its says like couldnt open namek.wad