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    dragonball af goku ssj5/golden oozaru model

    I dont think that ss5goku will work with 1.1 cuse i tryed it and it dont have all the updated animations
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    Picture uploading??

    Dose anyone of any good sites for uploading pictures to i used picture trail but now they want me to pay;/
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    Little Fighter 2: the best game EVER!

    Heres a cheat code at the char select menu type and it will unlock all the chars i dont no if u guys no this but o well:devgrin:
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    How would i put Half-life and the mods in 32bit color?
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    What FPS do you get?

    Mine is 30-20 specs P3 1ghz :cry: 384 Ram;/ Nvidia Riva TNT2 32bit (no supported T\L so no BF1942:( ) and would it be bad to up my refresh rate with my system specs? right now im going at 60hz
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    Goku Bug??

    no but i tryed to install one and i think the admin.dll is still in the valve/dlls and the liblist is the one from the admin mod should i remove them?
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    Goku Bug??

    Everytime me or someone that joins my server and plays as goku after like 10 minutes into the game it will crash dont no if its a bug but everytime it crashes;/
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    what is this

    Ok this might be a dumb question but what is this?
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    Will this map work in beta 1.1? **edit** nevermind:D
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    Kicked Off Servers Constantly

    Its probly some a**hole crashing the server;/
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    ESF 1.1 on KaZaa

    whats the filename?
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    Mech Models!

    Man!!! thats going to be fun:shocked: Keep it up cant wait till there done:)
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    Question about Beta 1.1

    o ok
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    Question about Beta 1.1

    Ok will the KI Bots work on 1.1?
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    Matrix Online 2004

    I just hope there is no fee;/ cuse i hate paying for games then find out that they r not that good:\
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    Can someone tell me wtf pwn;/ means cuse i see it everywhere
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    Did you know????

    Thats not true remember in one of the brolly movies brolly got knocked into lava and he dident die
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    I was looking at the shenlong.mdl with hlmv and i looked at the attacks and i seen lounge so dose that mean that the dragon can harm u :devgrin: ? or is it somthing that is going to be in 1.1
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    Server crashing

    I was wondering if in the new esf version is there going to be somthing to stop server crashing cuse im sick of thoes c**k sucking motherf****ers (sorry for bad lang it just im soo mad) saying that if u dont do this or do that they crash the server everytime i join a good fun server some...
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    Your RO Stats?

    Heres Another off topic question. Is it free or do u have to pay?