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    New Frieza Attack

    thats a great idea man i wish they would put that in would make it really cool frieza is so cool they dont give him enough moves
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    Frieza Extra Move

    I dont know if you have been asked this before but would you consider adding another energy disk to friezas normal 1 disk, cause in the eps you see frieza control two disks would this be possible to do in the game???
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    Would it be possible to put a lot more transformations in and make explosions look better that would be nice.
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    The Legendary Super Saiyan

    Why cant u put movie characters in a lot more people would play it if ya did. Hes such a great character
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    The Legendary Super Saiyan

    plz put Brolly in ESF, i think this would be cool as he is not in many dbz games. If you do i would be extremley grateful thx. Oh yeh and give him cool moves like the ones you see in the movies. And for a transformation make him go big and muscley. PLZ PUT BROLLY IN ESF PLZ. Come on he is...