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    Bind key

    had the same crap ... its because of the userconfig ...
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    Spider-Man 2

    ive got the demo. I think it sux... is the game the same ? everything is oookay in the demo BUT the atacking system just sux ! is it the same in the full game ?!
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    Trunk's kamahamaha

    You didnt know that trunks generic beam is stronger than the generic beam of the other chars, did you ?
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    Steam Users - ESF!

    I had the same problem... but after 2 hours of waiting I could conect... it isnt a esf related problem. Steam just couldnt download the new patch or something like that ... or it just couldnt conect to the server ^^ Steam = SOMETIMES ****TA!! well whatever... this thread should be closed ^^
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    ESF Beta 1.2 Bugs

    1. Your second answer PWND !!! 2. One time I couldnt use his rox either ... hmm ^^
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    looks amazing ... 2 questions... first one... Is tien a human ? second one... if he is a human... Who is the strongest human ... Kulilin or Tien ?
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    1.1 melee

    lol well... I dont think so ^^ maybe he spoke (wrote) with a american accent... And to know he is a kid it doesnt take much.... Only Kids whine....
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    I thought that would be my idea ;) Nobody would thought you want to kick/punch him up... thats just stupid but it works better than down :)
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    Date of ESF 1.3 ???? And EVM

    maybe the trunks model on the pic of the day/week ... dont really know. Maybe it will be in 1.2.1... but I think its going to be in 1.3
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    Date of ESF 1.3 ???? And EVM

    1.3 is out in lemmi think ... 6 month or anything like this ;) 1.2.1 is comming in a few days maybe 2 weeks but it will rock ... stop asking for 1.2 ... its going to be spamm... I think you will get a warning or more :p
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    Which character do you use the most?

    I know it would be goku everybody uses the most but I thought trunks would have some more peps.
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    lol... the topic isnt really what I ment... I posted my coment. i didnt want to create a new topic. everyday the patch wont be released they will debug more and more ^^
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    after another week... so whats up now ? Did anybody read my post here (#23)
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    well ... in a beyblade mod... you will have to control the blades ? k0000l !
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    I know it sounds arrogant or anything like that but If you all know its gonna be a longer time to release the patch why you put in the news one week ? come on... that makes us sick. the game rox so hardcore'ly and if we think it will release in this week and it doesnt we are like sick ^^ It's...
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    lets see. I hope it will be released today. If it wont release today it will release next week (hopefuly)
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    why you call me a fool ? that doesnt make sence to me ! I hope it's gonna be out today (sunday)
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    Where can i get the 1.2 beta patch?

    Posted on Saturday, May 22, 2004 by Mastasurf well... the news are 7 days old... so why it's not out yet ? it should be ! Why you say next week ?
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    Best Way to Raise Powerlevel

    why krillins ? to idle a bot download the newest version of the bots 4.1 or anything like tha t :D. press shift and u have the botmenu. search there for idle bots ^^
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    there ist a namek.wad but some other good wads thx ^^ well just for everyone who hasnt read my first post here: it would be good if someone would upload the namek.wad so nobody has to install/unpack esf 1.1/1.0 to get it. ty.