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    -=New Attacks=-

    I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone wants all the saiyans in the game to get the next transformation SS2 but this would out balance quite a few of the other players so I think that piccolo should get the one in the Garlic Jr where he makes himself bigger and stronger, it's not really...
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    Akira is a bloody awesome anime eh, I love the bit where all the rioters are on the bridge and those cops or whatever shoot em with those laser guns and shoot holes through em and all the blood comes pi**'n out. Gotta love Japanese animations.:devgrin:
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    BD Ssj3 Goku

    Nice Model Hey, that's a nice model.
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    BD Ssj3 Goku

    Hey, that's a nice model.
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    Ssj2 Aura Colour

    Jeez It's a hard choice Oh mate this is one of the hardest decisions i'll ever hae to make in my life. I'm not sure if I should choose s**ty blue and red or origional and tasteful yellow and blue oh I don't know, the pressure is really starting to get to me, I'm gonna have to go and lay down...
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    Bush,Sadam and osama!

    It's happening My brother has been working on a saddam hussein model for about a week and a half and is looking pretty bloody good and is working on an animation that will have him doing something well.....homosexual is all I can say for the moment but jeez it's gona be funny
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    saiyan saga vegeta

    Not right The guards that are on the side of his waist and go down his leg a little bit and the one in front of crotch shouldn't be as long and should have rounded ends rather that it being pointed. Other than that it's gotta be one of the best models in general that i've seen made for any...
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    2 Deathballs and a Beam Pack

    Just a thought Just thought i'd say that I like the ideas that are above and hope they go ahead. This is something I was thinking of when the teacher was having a good old bi**h to the class, I was thinking that ,maybe it's possible for a destroyable terrain in esf, if not the entire map then...
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    USSJ idea

    I don't think the USSJ should have a disablilty except for his speed but he should only slow down a little bit because you look at all the other transformations that will come for other characters and their gonna kick the **** out of a USSJ if you take away the attacks they mostly use in the...
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    goku new attack

    I mentioned detachable energy beams awhile ago and got ridiculed for it. I'd like to see if they'd have the guts to say it to my face if there was an opportunity.
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    Burning Attack

    What the hell are you talking about. He never kicked cell's ass with burning attack, your probably thinking of his finishing buster attack which should be changed into beam form and his burning attack should be changed into the ball type which has been stated in the forums more times than I care...
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    Double Beams. <READ>

    For the double beam idea all you would have to do is select double generic beam then charge a beam in one hand which would probably be the right one by default then press right mouse button once two keep it charged in your hand, DON'T hold the button down. Then charge another one in the other...
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    Beam tear

    Hey mate I was only asking if that was what he meant, I know the Half life engine probably won't support that!
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    Attacks i think Buu should have

    I was watching dbz the other day and noticed that Buu's candy attack doesn't just start firing as a beam whenever it is used, it needs to be charged up first. So the attack should be charged and the more energy put into it the longer they can keep the beam going and they can't put more energy...
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    Beam tear

    So your talking about like when gohan killed cell how cell was inside the beam and was getting torn apart, am I right?
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    Uncharging attacks

    You could just fire it at the general area of where the person is hiding a waste all that energy without knowing you hit em or not and you can just change to a different attack but that would be wasting a **** load of your energy that you could have used to go find your target again.
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    Uncharging attacks

    Yeah I know you hold the right mouse button down to keep the charge but there shoud be a way to unpower the attack, like you have a Final Flash charged and then you might need to stop the attack and move somewhere but at the moment you have to fire the attack and waste all the energy before you...
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    faster flying (and you already have the animations)

    I feel the same way, there should be a faster flying mode.
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    Uncharging attacks

    I've been thinking for while about being able to uncharge your attacks so the you can save power, I know it does't take long to power up again but it can get annoying when you go to shoot someone and he hides somewhere until you've fired it, so insted of wasting the energy and getting...
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    Female fighters

    Well if you know that Videl is named after a onion then you must know that Gohan is named after rice that's off the origional topic of women fighters but there you go. Oh yeah and Htokilefa Sarevok is better than Drizzt.