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    I read the stickies. Then , did a search. But..

    All i have got is you get a background image and put vertexs around it and then face it. The stickys dont tell me another thing else. i wanna get a background image and make a model out of it. Can anyone help me out or point me to a sticky.
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    I got something to say they should make a screen with characters like a fighting game style block character pic screen. like the chars that arent out yet leave that space grey. i say they should just make a version of the game that has all the characters like they should get more team on the ESF...
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    How do I do it?

    I am VERY new to modeling. Can someone give me a tutorial of how do i make my own models. Or atleast show me. PLZ :cry:
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    When i click on the setup the setup comes up but its only a blue setup screen with nothing and when i click on it it crashes and i have to do end task and all that stuff