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    Historic Brawls

    Howdy all its been awhile but i am now back so i have gotten the new 1.2 and its awesome the bots are more tougher ^_^ and the melee system rocks and ive been playing around with some char mods and i have my new fav char broly/brolly (samething) anyways i made this thread to tell about some new...
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    Final Fantasy (New) 9 Out of 10

    Go Omni-Slash all the way
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    Final Fantasy 8 out of 10 (new)

    I think Malboro from FF-7 was pretty hard to beat dam bad breath but they got easier to as they game progressed - now FF-8 Malboros got way easier ribbon, auto-haste, Ultima on my status def so i absorb damage its so sweet. so i think Malboros in general are hard to beat but they get eaiser to...
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    Mapping Troubles for 1st timer

    Sup everyone I absoulutly love this game and i think it is time to contribute to it so i am attepmting to make a map i ot the layout of the entire map now i need to put in my hills and DB/SB and I have a small problem when ever i want to check out how my map is doing on esf it doesn't show it on...
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    Final Fantasy New 7 out of 10

    I think that in a dream match between auron and Sephiroth it is a very hard decsion Auron is dead and cant die but sephiroth is routhless and gives no mercy. But id ive to call it a draw because its such a hard decsion.
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    Final Fantasy (New) 6 Out of 10

    i think that the Flora Valite Dresssphere was the best i mean look how strong great whirl was and it didn't even take up MP
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    Final Fantasy Help #2

    Hey its me again i have another small question i have all the necessary requirements for the lion heart on disc one except for the dragon Fang and i was wondering if there is anyway of getting a dragon fang on the first disc so if there is tell me if not tell me the earliest time i can get one...
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    FF Help is Required

    Sup every one i have had my share of troubles in the past in the world of FF but this one takes the cake im in playing FF-X2 and im in a real sticky situation. Im on Anima and i can not beat him it is so hard i have my white mage black mage and thief combo on but it just doesn't seem to work ive...
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    Final Fantasy New 5 out of 10 (Half way there)

    I Think Cadaolbag is the best final weapon because it can break the 9999 damage limit and it gains the overdrive/Limit Break at triple speed.
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    Final Fantasy New 4 Out of 10

    i think Auron has the best motivational speech and thats all i gotta say
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    Final Fantasy New 3 Out of 10

    I Think The Al-Bhed Primers are the most Challenging Collection to get from the FF series but i am in total agree ment that the 1/35 soldier from FF7 is in a close 2nd
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    Final Fantasy Education

    sup every one if you can tell im in a major FF craze right now anyways i havent played any of the ealier FF's like 1,2,3,4,5,6, tactics so to make my poles more interesting please educate me on the FF's ive missed and tell me if you recommend them and then ill play them and compare them to my...
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    Final Fantasy New 2 out of 10

    7's Weapons vs 8's Weapons vs 10's Weapons well lets see Ultima weapon in 8 was clearly the better one out of 7's but ruby weapon could just plain rule over ultima 8 so my bets with the 7 weapons
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    Fianl Fantasy New - 1 out of 10

    I Think Sephiroth rules all over main bosses Ultimicia Just plain suxed two words "Lion Heart" and Sin well can't say much about sin cuz i havent betten FFX yet but im sure he cant hold a candle to sephiroth and the main boss for nine i have no clue but again sephiroth would kill...
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    Final Fantasy 5 out of 5

    i think the Materia System was the best system ever ALL- Master Magic MP Turbo- Master Summon Hp Absorb- Master Command HP and MP and Magic Plus 4x cut and Final Atk - Pheonix on all three chars in party you cant lose exception is ruby weapon but eventually you get a lucky...
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    Final Fantasy 4 out of 5

    Before people start saying this i know if i put cloud in he would win but i want to know who stands in a close second anyways my votes with Squall and i played about 30 mins of #9 so i cant remember the mains chars name i thought ff9 suxed anyways
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    Final Fantasy 3 out of 5

    Between the summons and GF's i have choosen to put in its a hard Decision But My Votes With Knights Of The Round
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    Final Fantasy 2 Out of 5

    I Think Cloud Has the Advantage even though Squall has his Gun Blade
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    Final Fantasy 1 out of 5

    I Think Zell is the Better Master of The Fist then tifa because of his more advanced speed but i may be wrong and i expect that Zell might win but you never know
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    Playing Frisby

    Destructo Disc Can Be most fun to play with because Ginger Spice boy caught krillins so it is possible