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    Difficult to target on my server?

    I tried searching but couldnt come up with what I needed. I have a dedicated esf server, no special config settings in the server.cfg, but I do have a freshly installed adminmod. Its incredibly hard to target someone , and usually takes about 15 or more tries of clicking like mad to get the...
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    I remember reading a post about how Goku's kaioken technique may be implemented, involving a suggestion from a fan. I searched for that thread but unfortunately was not able to find it. I know there are probably more against the kaioken technique than for it, therefore its implementation is...
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    Final Flash question

    When Vegeta charges his Final Flash in ESF is it true to the cartoon? I mean is it supposed to be completely silent until firing? If so then I suppose there is no sound to replace for the charging up part in game. --JD