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    Listen... the only suggestion I have is to please post some material on the site, you haven't posted since the 15th.... so, try to keep up on that, at least post little things. Also, the dev journals don't work.
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    Codeing N000b here, flames r welcome

    Tepus... if you ever figure it out... I'd love to play one of your games... so just gimme a holla, cause those games used to rule
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    Beta worries, Yes there is some

    The main reason that no one is Cell... or freiza... is cause their only powerful move is that disc... and when you use that, everyone *****es! Little babies... it does Kinda take skill to use the disc... they think I'm a newb... but I own them, hahaha
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    It's SOOO obvious

    I'm not expecting anything new... it would be nice though if the site was up so I could see some pics from beta... or something like that... I mean they said JULY 4TH! it's almost july 8th
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    It's SOOO obvious

    MAN... why didn't I see it before... July 4th NEXT year... I see that's why it's never gonna be up!
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    hahaha... SOON! not really, i will maybe have me own little thing whipped up, trying to make my own model or map.... :yes:
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    ESF WebSite

    Mine doesn't work either!! GRR this one guy in this server was like: don't download the beta(cause today, there was some beta out... supposedly esforces) but... he said it was a virus... and we were like: how do you know? and he said: I saw it on the news at the website HOW IF IT WAS...