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    Strange throwing bug

    If you start throwing and highlight a beam weapon, such as ki blast or generic beam, and you throw them, killing them. The top will say "so-and-so killed whoever with ki blast".
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    Sig for me

    Commentz (Plz no comments on the quote just the bg)
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    New sig made for friend

    Critz plz,
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    An unknown person has been sighted by me and Optional today going by the name of ~{ape}~Dr. Yoe, He was a buu, a total newbie. Just candied blindly and when I hit him once, he would amatuerly blockwhore. Just barely turning to block just mostly facing one direction. Optional forced him to...
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    Majin_you in your sig that Legacy of Kain

    Is that a new mod in development? I love Legacy of Kain, best game ever. Sry if this is considered spam.
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    Beta 1.2

    Ummm a quick question, are there new characters and new transformations, and if are plz tell and if there are new characters are u adding brolly?, ty
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    The Sensu Bean

    In the Game i try REAL Hard to use it i tried pressing the "use" key and left clickin and holding it down but it wont work, i even tried throwing it and it wont work am i doing sumthin wrong?