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    esf world

    then how do i put on gohan buu or vegetto and those guys
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    esf world

    YES i finally got some models. but how do i put it on? cause the only way i can figure it out is by replacing the original file itself. ex: i got battledamage son goku in the freeza fight the files are goku and ssjgoku. the only way i can actually use them is to overwrite the original...
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    esf world

    hey im trying to get models and the best place seems to be esf world. but is it just my computer or do you need something to download the files cause i cant download anything.
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    on the esf manual is said that goku has an attack called "teleporting without charging attacks" what does that mean and how do you do it? i cant find any info on it.
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    hey im new to esf. i really like the game but i have a few questions. how do you change the starting "changeform" icon? if i start from the beginning it takes like 40 kills just to do the long transformation. and in the 1.2 version, is it going to be in steam?