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    New Sig

    *Edit* I am giving a direct link to my sig in my new forums. I tried many times to get the sig showing up in this thread, and it wouldn't. I made this sig, using a lot of animations. I used a color theme for some new forums I joined...
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    Arabs Beheading.

    If you saw the latest news posts (nbc, cbs) then you know what I am talking about. This subject has been crowding my mind lately. I can't understand this.. and the arab ways. My opinions may not be in the correct order, but I shall try my hardest to make them readable/understandable. 1. The...
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    Testing New Sig Style

    Well, I am sure you have seen some of my work around here, mostly abstract signatures. This time I tried a new style, anyone crit please.
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    Some help please.

    No I am not asking help for signature help, but infact I am asking for any brushes, or anything related to that. If anyone has some decent brushes, could I please use those.
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    Just seeing if it plays the entire animation. Still figuring out how to speed it up a bit. I might not tho. Its still not done, I plan to maybe ad other things.
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    Testing New Sig. Crits Too.

    Testing new sig. Crits, and should I use this new sig?
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    Help Please..

    I am not sure what I should add to this. Please give any ideas, and I will look at them and see how they work out.
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    Testing.......... -- Newest Sig -- Updated, I hate it, I was just bored tonight.
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    Basic Sig, Opinions Please.

    I got bored today, and I figured I would make a quick sig while listening to some trance. Only took me 5 minutes to complete and what not, but tell me which is better, and crit them. I might release a whole new set, with new things on them, until then I am going to make these *** little things.
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    Background/Sig tutorial.

    I made this tutorial for both advanced/new users of Photoshop, so it is a bit longer for those who are new. I am sure some others on the forums (esf mainly) use this style for their own personal sigs and artwork. I am not trying to give out your sytle, I was sitting there messing around one day...
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    Tutorial Soon....

    Next couple of days I will be making a tutorial on how I made these backgrounds for my sigs. And some blending options. Here is a preview of what you can make. I didn't really blend the last two since I am going for a new style, and they wouldn't blend right. Also, if you want any...
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    New Style Sig For Me....

    Just to make it look as crapy as it does, it took me around an hour for the bg alone. Everything was done in photoshop, none of the regular 3d progams. I plan to perfect this style, it might bring some nice sigs.
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    Testing Sig/Crits Please

    Tesiting New Sig(s): Crits Please:
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    Sample Sigs....

    I had a whole heep load in here, but I figured I would just post new ones up.
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    Sig Help.....

    Deciding which Sig to use... Please tell me which is best.
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    Sig Requests

    Well, I am taking requests for sigs. I am willing and able to make sigs for those in need. Please post what you want: Pictures,Colors,Text,etc. A link to the picture would be helpful. Here is some of my work: