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    Any of you have played this game? I've been playing it for over a year now (non-stop) and that is my best performance on one game ever. Thus i thought, lets share it :) Official URL [download + trial key (+ awsome promo movies) ] Here Basicly it is a warfare game based in the future...
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    Small bug,

    Situation: Ingame playing, start to record a demo Bug: After u started the recording of the demo u are stuck with ur attack which u had selected while starting the demo. Solution: Type kill in console, or generly die will fix the problem.
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    /* National Championship(s) [NL] /*

    Hello world, first of all here the plan, and I hope I can count on some help :p . This thread is for the Dutch, so if u are not Dutch I suggest scrolling down to the next English part. -/* Dutch Punch line /* Het idee schoot mij vandaag te binnen… niet origineel maar wel leuk! Gister kreeg...
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    Thoughts on ESF 1.2 (Opinions)

    Well i have to say a job well done for the team, no kiddin the best mod i ever played since esf 1.1 Actualy there are several good points, one is that there is less whining goin arround... i see people havin fun while they are bein killed... not to say when in a battle even losin u have a...
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    WON edition

    Just a small Question here: Where can u download DOD Won edition? i tried to search but i only could find Steam download, but i really need the latest WOn version of it. Does any one know where to get it? Regards,
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    Animation Q

    Hello people, a little animation question, not a hard one, but i can't figure it out :( even worthless to create a threat about it, but since #esf-help only contains idle people who might be able to help i have to take the rough way and ask here ... not a habbit, i tryed searching but i...
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    Getting game listed in serverlist

    Well title almost sais it all, i got my self a little server, but when i tried to test it people could only connect if i gave them the ip, otherwise they simply couldn't find the server. main port is on 27016 and i forwarded all needed ports, the computer which hosts connects to the net...
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    Linux server

    Hi people, a little question for those who know: (if u don't, don't bother replying) I want to run a linux server since i got a fully formatted pc left, not only for esf, but also for other games on a LAN-CHALLANGe anyway. which would be the best version of linux (redhat etc) and what do...
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    Camara help:

    Well the problem is quite simple, if you know how, how can i zoom in or zoom out with the thirdperson cam? help would be apreciated! Regards.
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    WEll i know it is suggested before, but it is getting really redicules, i suggest a forum clean out, even on dsl the forum is as slow as 56k downloading esf. Not to be annoying but i just suggest this, it's for once very irritating to wait as long as we have to do now. and i think cleaning...
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    stock Pictures

    Does anyone know some good 'free' stock sites? those I can find are really crap... And if i where looking for quality anime pictures, where should i look? I woiuld appreciate it very much if those could be answerred! ... o_o :D Thanks in advance!
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    Pre-server messages

    Well u see them in adminmod servers (as well in amx mod servers) but is there anyway to make them without having to install any of those ? pre-server messages : messages u see when the server is loading, you are welcomed by them etc...
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    Spirit Bomb attack - non realistisme

    Well i don't suggest often, rather said almost never, but hey i just saw this today.. I'm not a goku player, so forgive me... The spirit bomb, it's the most powerfull attack in pre-ssj game, it takes long to load and u can see it across the map, but i still think it's missing something, i...
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    Targeting and steam;

    Well yes i know steam has allot of issues with ESF, now i mostly got them working (key binds, etc etc...) now the only thuing is that i can't figure out is how to actualy target some one??! Sometimes it goes very fluent as i had with the 'wonid' esf, but mostly i have to klick a thousent...
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    Need some help... yet not the normal type of:

    Ok i kinda weird suggestion but could any one .. any one send me skin? only a skin don't need the model, rather said i'd like to have the psd of the skin... i won't use it.. u can take my word on it... if i use it in anyway for my own good (or others) you'll get a refund... I just need a...
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    Locking up

    Hmm it's weird but lately when i play ESF my computer locks up ALOT! .. didn't have any problems b4, but since i installed the script pack from mr. Satan it does like not work propperly. First of i dun know for sure if it is cossed by the pack, but in any case how could i unistall that? or...
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    Hi people, i have a problem, i never get a good background on what ever i tr to let it look cool? anyone knows some great tut's on this? thanks in advance, Lost
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    For my own good...

    Ok people listen up, that devil/~ guy is using the name Zero, well my esf name IS > Zer01 < please don't cnfuse me with him. When i was on a server playing i got called all differend names i would not like to repeat here ... because some one though me was him or him was me... well IT...
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    Ok there are some mods around that will let you admin your own server, now it's like... 1. what do i need? 2. Where do i get it? 3. how could i install it propperly? thanks in advance...
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    WEll it is like this... there are to many.. if you are a new commer and enter this forum u go crazy only looking at the stickies at every forum. in my vieuw this doesn't help at all (this mutch stickies). now i suggest they should filter out the usefull stickies and combine some. this will...