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    help please

    i m trying to install esf again in to my computer but when i try to install it it says " esf alredy installed do you wanna unistall it first " but i have unistalled it ...... and then i choose " no " but when im trying to install esf in steam folder it wont let me to press the install...
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    Somebody tell me where can i have the model that fits with the ssj2 vegeta and goku... because when i wish more power from the dragon they can transform even more but then the character is a block man????
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    What model pack i need to play in ape_city map ?? I have the most downloaded models alredy but the players in ape city map are shown "block " type?? somebody tell me
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    just asking

    could somebody tell me how do i block the melee attacks and how do i win that melee struggle im just a noob and i dont know how to block melee attacks?!?!?!
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    hmmmm is this a bug or somethin

    When i go to some server it works really fine but after that the character im palying turns up to an funny and odd........ i t twistes and do something un-usual........?!??!?! :laff: :\ can somebody help me how to fix this problem and to make me happy esf player!??!?!?!?!?! PLEASE??!?!?!
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    where can i get the old version of esf because the 1.2 isn't working well because i can get to the servers!! :cry: