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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    sorry, I voted no. I miss the pure beam fights. Now whenever I enter a server I get my ass whooped by melee(I saw 5 beam attacks today !!). (I used to own in esf, but now I'm a freaking noob !!!) If there are sum peeps who want to teach me how to melee, plz PM me !!
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    Esf manual.

    you're not the only one mate. :fight:
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    Who is Stronger!

    vegitto is more powerfull by my knowing, but he's also very arrogant and wastes time (influence from vegeta) Gogeta has more influence from Goku, so he doesn't waste time to kick ass. I like them both.
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    {APE} Clan

    If you need backup sometimes, well, ... errr, here I am. ;) Always ready for a good fight !!
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    {APE} Clan

    hi mate. great to see sum clans in esf. I wanted to create one myself, but none of the people I know want to play esf.:cry: I already played against 1 or 2 members of the ape clan in the beginning I played esf. You guys are good. (I hope I can match you guys):fight:
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    Vegeta Trans Video

    More ... mooooree !!!:fight: .... eerrr ... naais, very naais !! :shocked: :shocked:
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    I study modern languages at school. I have dutch (du'h), English, French and German. Not bad for a 15yr old dude.:D And then the fact my dad was born in Germany :S lol
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    Release Date of New Eps And Dbz Budokai

    I saw those eps by a friend. But I'm not aint going to tell you guys what is going to happen. Just wait and c :fight:
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    :talk: roflol, ik eb nog mo 2 ke verloren sinds ik esf speel. 1 ke in men eerste spel tegen een pro. De 2e keer was eergisteren in een server van 12 man (ping was 600+ !!! ) Mo ja, ik speel vo de fun eh. En als je wint, des te beter. :)
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    Thx for all the replies guys. ( exept the negatieve one;/) Well, for the peeps who are interested in a esf game, here's my msn: :]
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    roflol. Not so far. If you want I can take a train to your home. ;) :talk:
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    lol Ik kom uit Brugge (W-Vl you know ... ) Ik zoek gewoon een paar landgenoten om eens deftig mee te esf'en. ( Men maat zit nie op et juiste niveau:rolleyes: ) en idd, het wordt tijd dat die beta uitkomt !! :fight:
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    I was wondering, are there a lot of belgium dudes arround here ?? (like me) Cause, I only saw 2 in esf. o_o . So come on, show yourself and frag me !!! greetz
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    New Kame Island Map And Vegeta Powerstugle Pics

    dude, that map looks like it is gonna kick ass !! :shocked: and btw, can you enter the house ?? :rolleyes: