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    A new naruto fan :D

    I gotta say that i just heard of Naruto from my cousin and i like dl 1-19 episodes and i gotta say IM ****IN HOOKED UP :laff: this just rulezz . So i need to ask something. Do u guys know any good sites where to dl these episodes ( if it is legal that i think it is ) in good guality and i would...
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    Help when converting models

    Yeah i need some help cauz i use Milkshape 3d and i dont know how to convert or save the model as an mdl file. Is there any free or trial software to do this?? (sory for my bad english :laff: )
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    A noob modeller needs help!

    Ok i am usin Milkshape 3d for modeling and i need a program to skin my modelss but if Milkshape can do it please tell me how